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Keisha Merchant

Written Correspondences of My Research of the Second Eden


    What are primary resources?  It is within our education system, media system and all print, archiving systems that we have created the world databases.  In order for our culture and society to understand information, people and land/resource management we have to create techniques that are inclusive to diversity and immigration.  It is without the opportunities to give people livelihoods that increase their mobility and ethics to care, we lose the facts in life.  We cannot understand where we are going until our destination has the design to fit everyone.  I think that as a chat personality we lose sight in our information that rehabilitation is necessary for effort and errors to meet without complication or chaos.  It is an artistic value that logic is absent when designing the formula for rehabilitation. 


    In the past logic rule, and artistic was the underlining currents because it was a taboo to be artistic.  It has shown us over the years that artistic value is necessary for us to create physics, chemistry and biology as one, and without the craft to do so, the new collectiveness cannot have a dominant force of flexibility and richness that our culture have come to appreciate.  So therefore, the resources that face our new generation economy is the deprivation of these systems coming together due to logic abstracts, we are not allowed to entertain the notions of education system, media systems, archiving in becoming one system to create a dynamic new force to understand management.  People, information and resources have been scattered globally that we are missing the mark to find solace and serenity. 


    In the mind, heart, body we are losing the race toward sustainability, longevity and of course the ancient, fountains of the youth.  It is within this opportunity we must meet the needs of our yearning, hungry and thirsty souls and spirits to find that labyrinth that promise us a way or should I say break through.  I know that in the prison systems rehabilitation means money is not going to come into the pockets of the officials.  So, what does that mean to us that change will never come?  It will linger but never arrive.

    It is necessary to find the incentive to create employment without sacrificing rehabilitation in our global community to change socially and evolve economically as a corporate global government.  It is going to take a new design to create within our lifetime the necessary abstracts or some would say artistic value to logically process the collectiveness and collaboration to meet the needs of diversity.  In the forestry principles the stronger environments are those with diversity because the weaker environments “pure” strands are not able to withstand “disturbance.”  The dynamics of diversity is essential and so logic must meet artistic value in order for us to reach the progress that is due to those that believe in eternal living, should I say for the global structures, decrease the death rate.

    So, what am I trying to say?  It is necessary for us to change our education system as we know of it. It is time for us to get a makeover in our education system.  We have created a tradition in our learning instead of learning a tradition.  It is with the great understanding the our forefathers and mothers have paved the way, now it is time for us to walk and enjoy the journey of that paved or gold sidewalks.  We cannot always just learn to lay down foundation, we need more in life. (Book of Hebrews, Bible)  I think what we should do is change our education system for the children first.  The need of the children is to learn how to build houses, garden, learn to clean disease and finally calculate and construct words, numbers and images.  These are necessary for the language of global social change.  Then as an archive value have in libraries the histories of slavery, conquest, violence, drama, and all the stories and tales of “our history” as a elective.  It is in my mind that if we develop our children minds artistically and logically without the discriminations of culture and society of dominance and power, we may get the opportunity to see all cultures, complexions and levels of identities as collaboration rather as competitors.

    In this age factor, the elementary education system should not only be literate in application of language, communication, cultural competency in regards to speaking other languages, and computation for gardening, constructions, and engineering, the idea of art, sports, music, and mathematics, with science of physics, chemistry and biology without working on corpses.  We can examine and observe life as a species development rather evolution.  This will increase the opportunity to explore rather suggest and speculate from one man to the next man’s theories.

    As a higher learning, expertise factor of isolation of knowledge to becoming a doctor of that knowledge to learn how to repair, rehabilitate, give therapy and suggestions for consultation it is evident these theories and personalities can be used as house members of that complex of specialty, but in the end, the higher learning factor is not to discriminate in employment or entertainment, but used to justify rehabilitation and repair.

    One day we must change our thinking, but until then, I am adding to the melting pot of ideas.  Safe journey.