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Keisha Merchant

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon


    The Hanging Gardens of Babylon


    So here we are again chatting about the ancient and the new generations.  Today as a chat personality I have decided to examine the scriptures with the world education system of history, theory and science.  It is within my mind that the hanging gardens of Babylon is a symbolic gesture that one world order was to be an collective or unconscious collective one mind to generate liberation and authority of all as one.  It was in Babel that the tower was built by many nations coming together as one language and one common ground desire to reach God.  It was within this framework that systems were finally made to reach all to come together to do one assignment, and to do that one assignment well.

    In Daniel, it speaks about the prophet that was employed by the Babylonian King to speak on things of God, when he had many nations speaking on affairs of gods and goddesses, but no one could speak on the affairs of God, the God of dreams.  It was within these interpretations that Daniel was able to show a new formula of strength and mobility that was considered a “higher conscious” of people that none was able to live on but Daniel.  It was within that “hanging gardens” the symbol that Babylon was hanging on a thread to Daniel that created the suggestion that God was a mystery, and everyone else finally become exposed.

    Some would question this theory, but in the end, the idea that the gardens were to be the demonstration of the “garden of Eden” that was lost, or hidden.  It is again that I am recovering this analogy of the hanging gardens to demonstrate the cycle of one nation under God, global community, or some would say, the new world order, who to say, which one, except that the idea that people are tired of fighting, dying, infecting themselves with disease, poverty, and lack of access to resources, information and relationships.  The ideas of violence are passing away, the mass do not want to organize to kill any longer, and finally the death of malnutrition for our bodies have become a detriment to our own inability to be intellectual and knowledgeable enough to apply the very degrees we are so invested in.

    Daniel is not in our culture or society, so who will become the knowledge of God?  The ambassador of “the higher consciousness” that gives us abilities to recover, rehabilitate and redeem ourselves from errors that we use to kill, steal and destroy others and eventually ourselves.  We find ourselves in the bone yard, graves that only explain one suggestion that we missed the mark to entering life eternally.  What are we to say that the hanging gardens are not symbolic of the wise old king in Babylon that we hang by a thread in the gardens of Babylon?  We are hanging by a moment or a breath but some of us laugh at the notion that we cannot save ourselves or each other, and then what is the point in building wealth, family legacies, and finally opportunities to pay taxes, and die?  We have to ask ourselves what we are going to do next if we do not have the keys to eternal life.  We are spinning our wheels to lead us right to the street of “grave” so we must ask ourselves again is our education system giving us true knowledge.  Is our capitalistic system giving us true economy?  And so forth or we will continue to live a falsehood of lies that will end in one financial return, paid in the order to the decease.

    As a chat personality, the doom and gloom factors of chatting about our failures and defeats is to change course, change strategies, or rehabilitee, restore, or create new, but in the end, it is to do something in examination and evaluation of what is working and what is not working.  Daniel was the symbol and the hanging gardens were the symbols to the King that something different must happen.  It was the change that he created to show that he was changing.  He knew that his dream was a message that he must change.  His environment must change, and his way must change.  He had every prophet for every god and goddess, but he had to add the God of the Jews to his list as his suggestion that he had everything, and he still was missing something.  It was within that understanding he decided to add on to his list rather subtracting to his list, and so as we know the story of the hanging gardens the rule of his dynasty continued until he died, but in his season of peace he found that he was missing something, and the courage to change socially by added Daniel to the list of change.  In that transformation, the birth of the hanging gardens was made through the suggestion of his wife, and so she became part of the solution, and so the revolution began in their systems.