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Keisha Merchant

In the Fruits of the Spirit is Love


    In today’s journey of the chat world, I wanted to bring up that love is centered on the fruits of the spirit.  Galatians in the bible is an excellent journey of love, truth and forgiveness whether walking in the world of death or world of life.  Sometimes people say the “flesh,” but I am changing the dynamics of flesh whereas it is something that confuses most of us, even I.  I think the flesh is a 19th century word for death, temporary lifestyles of the body.  The ways of the flesh is the way of death that destroys our house, the body.  Sometimes, I read the scientific journals and medical journals about the body.  The destruction of the body through aging begins with our lifestyles then principles.  I think when Paul mentioned in the Ephesians of death in the body, he wanted us to pay attention to the warfare that we take on in the spirit world that sometimes is classified as the world of the unknown.  It is obvious that we are living in two worlds.  The world of the dead and the world of the living, it is arrogance when we chat about the dead is gone because we have proved evidence through science that biochemical are not temporary.  It is fascinating to see what biochemical and biomaterial compositions begin in the life transformation of what we are familiar with and what we are not.

    I would like to estimate in my own observation that fighting against flesh and blood means the lifestyles we struggle in is not the issue, but the inner world when we face our thought life.  Our principles are the cause of life and death.  I think the whole idea of Jesus Christ is that principle factor of life and death.  If this is something that most skeptics would argue, it would be what makes this one man principles leading to life and eternal life, as some mathematicians would argue, the life of infinity.  The process or enduring life of an atom, or in our case, the body that we see as organization of organisms that function together to make up one embodiment of what we are familiar as, “me, myself and I,” concept.  I suggest that we will ignore the possibility of infinity as the mathematician see the potential of who and what we are under the microscopic lens of “eternal” make up by suggestion.  If that is the case, the authorship of Jesus Christ may be a possibility that some would claim as a “good investment” to risk looking into as a probably case for the body to live without aging and decay.  Finally, death as the last enemy would become a figment of our imagination.

    What would happen to the elders those who have fallen asleep according to science and theory, we can suggest that those who have become part of the world unknown are in what some would say atoms limbo.  Some would feel at peace to say at rest.  While others are convinced that judgment should be for those who caused pain and suffering in the earth.  It is argued that men and women did have their chance to learn how to live good and loving lives, but how are we to measure what is good and loving without a moral code?

    In Galatians, we journey into that moral code.  It is argued the moral code is “us” and “them” and when do we become one?  It is evidence that I could chat about this forever, but for today, let us leave with this thought, that reflection under the potential forecast of the future, that life is in the hands and authority of someone and it is not us, but some of us feel that we have that authority.  Next time we will find the conclusive matter why we must believe in the “supreme justice” and I am not chatting about the United Nations.  I am suggesting the universe concept of “supreme justice, life and critical piece of life after death, if this Christ evaluation and life model is bulls eye, we must examine the reason why it is necessary to study the life of Christ because as a scientist would say, observation is the key to power, and truth is the key to evidence.  In the end only truth can give us understanding and progress.

    Safe journeys friends! ~ Your girlfriend, Keisha

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  • Keisha Merchant
    Keisha Merchant thank you brother, dearly taken the time to read i am moving in eternal progression, one step at a time, learning how to be sensitive to the global movement of eternal life :) 
    April 25, 2010