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    What is problematic that postcolonism terminology becomes a power struggle in a dominance of power structure. Western Researchers press upon indigenous people as the inferiority commodities that come with the territory. These researchers and their framework come with the positioning of power and influence. (Smith,78,2009) They stayed in the effect that they had the power to stay. The indigenous do not have the power to leave or ask them to leave. It is not right or in my perspective that our ability to compromise should be impose on others. It is within their framework to stabilize their culture as they see fit without our colonized mind interfering with their process.


    I would like to use my own examples of forestry that in management and research, it is very important that the animals do not know that we are researching them. It is very important that we do not leave our scent or evidence that we have tampered their environment because any sign of our alterations could destroy their life cycle. It is within this framework that Smith is suggesting in postcolonial fallacy that we are not interfering with facts, but people lives that are impressionable to our livelihood or fallacies of livelihood.

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