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Keisha Merchant

Bible Journey: My Lord I pray


    Lord's Prayer:
    Lord I have come before you in the need of your church in India.  I have humble submitted my life for your Son the Christ, King of King and Lord of Lords. I  have come to your throne room boldly and with courage because of your promises through him and his resurrection that you would honor and protect his name. I am asking you to continue your work in India.  These communities need the gospel of the good news that you save.  Only Jesus Christ is the name that mean something in this system of the dead. I am praying that a resurrection is made on his behalf.  Save these people from their turmoil and environments pain.  It is obvious that the pain of the world is their environment.  The environment is dying due to our sins and selfishness to be responsible, respectful and safe with our environmental resources.  It is within this hope that you would hear my cry, answer my request, and give us blessings of your Son's name that he is Lord over the death and those who hate to be responsible and respectful to your creation.  Destroy the work of those who disobey, and convert their souls into repentance that they will see and understand their destructive, unhealthy and dysfunctional practices that work against the goals of life, eternal living and opportunities of immortality in your kingdom in heaven and earth.
    I pray for the minister, brother who has believed that my prayer would mean something, but it means nothing without your approval.  I have studied your word to show myself approved by you, and now I yield my brother to pray on his behalf to show him that only you can approve of my prayer. If you approve of your son Jesus Christ, then I ask you to save the earth, for she is crying in pain for the destructive work that has been done to her.  She is your terrestrial embodiment creature, in the celestrial glory you have made her as you have made us.  You give her life as you have given me life. I ask you to help us, motivate us, coach us, but also save our lives, for we cannot give you glory dead.  Keep us alive as we transform into salvation under the house of your Son, and one day, we will mature and develop into the kind of beings that matter as your Son, obeying the love decree of grace and mercy, but until then we ask you to heal her pain, earth, that she may endure our disobedience, and so we will have the environment we need to learn in your Holy Spirit's classroom of discipline to show ourselves all approved by You, and in your hands, we give our lives toward your everlasting covenant through your Son. It is within that love, we may be saved.
    In the Blood of Christ, I commend my spirit to you Lord in Christ, in his Grace I give you thanks for salvation to pray.  If I am dead I cannot give you thanks for your Son, your salvation and your merciful grace, the love that is unconditional and transformation to give me lessons to mature.  Amen.
    Please stay in touch brother, and I will pass on to prayer warriors for your safety and your community, and all that need to be saved by grace.

    "Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." Friedrich Nietzsche