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Keisha Merchant

The Avatar Review


    I just watch Avatar.  Wow, what amazing feminist model created by a male director.  I was definitely amazed the equality and ecofeminism approach to society, colonization, and drama.  It had the romance, and I thought it was tasteful. I found that it had all the elements of science and feminist models of equality and egalitarian society at large fighting in a social justice outreach.


    I find the problematic most will see the "white male" role of saving the world and causing the world pain.  It was a lemonade drink definitely.  The problems he caused was the problems he had to correct.  He was responsible.  I felt that accountability was necessary, and the director made it very clear that he was not saving the world because it was problematic, but saving that community because of his responsibility to correct his mistakes (errors).  This is an excellent sci-fi movie.  I think this outlines the whole term of women scientists and feminist models of equality.  The Avatar nation was egalitarian, and mutuality which taught him how to reinvent his own life and society.


    He faced the courage to betray his own community, but his opportunity to save his own community was an effort to demonstrate balance and equality.  It was a very complex movie underlining message of cultural restoration, yet detrimental pain of life rebellion of freedom and bias.  It is a great feminist model movie to analyze and reflect on.  I feel that all of our readings included this movie, so I thought I would reference the readings as a whole for this discussion reflection.

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