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Keisha Merchant

Historical Revelations


    All African slaves were princes and princesses.  Why were they royal blood and lineages?  It was a war tactic of the conquest strategic plans to take royal blood from these territories to keep them weak from future invasions.  They found that they were able to keep an eye on all of their royal families by taking them hostages through the practices of slavery.  In this slave trade, this colonization act was created as a secret mission from the North to destroy the Future South.  It was at that moment the Americas were born.  These slaves were the 122,000 royal families/ nations, children that were brought to the Americas to be dehumanized and as they were to be destroyed, assimilated, and hopefully never to rule again.  These acts of war gave the North power and eventually authority to dominate the world.  As sleeping giants the true heirs of the South lives in the Americas.  They children are royalty.  One day, they will rise to rule a new form of paradise, prosperity and love for all nations under God.  One day…safe journeys my sisters and brothers, Cheers In the Blood of Christ! 

    The Americas’ slaves were governed by the most violent men they could hire from the North.  These men were hired killers and criminals to live in the Americas.  The North at the time wanted to make sure their blood would not fall on royal blood in the North.  They did not want to associate with the diplomats and aristocrats of the North with military duties.  At this time, the secret mission to keep the South, Africa from returning to invade the North had to have long term planning, and there mystery of the Americas’  African slaves.  After killing the kings and queens of each tribe, 122,000 tribes, they wanted to kill their children, but they thought it would work best if they could use them as properties.  The tribes were split in three sections.  The most powerful families were sent to be worked as the outdoor slaves, carrying the most burdens, to humiliate their children, and to be mocked. 

    In the end, the African slaves lost their identity due to their childhood confusion of what was going on.  It was finally stripped in the truth of identity to decrease their power.  The children were 25 years and younger.  Eventually, they would all loose the sense of who they were and where they came from because the were beaten and killed if ever mentioning their royalty lineage  The slave owner children was not to ever know about the secret mission, the military tactic.  They were to learn that these slaves were properties and given to them as work horses and servants to increase labor force.  These were only scripts taught to increase the value of the position of power that these children would not know that their slave was a royal blood child.  Some would allow their children mock them, but most would keep the secret.  Finally, this story would die, and both parties would soon forget the truth behind the slave trade.

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