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Keisha Merchant

Atoms Within Us?!

  • This article will be the beginning article to a new series, chapter in my life.   I am finished with my women’s program.  The last 36 weeks I had discussed issues of race, class and sex.  I demonstrated the process of theory and science in the world of women.  Now I am going back to my expertise.  What I do best.  I am going to start a new series on my research.  My life work of death and eternal life will be centered on the word of God.  It is this scripture that I will begin to research on John 6:39-63


    6:63 It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing.  The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.


    I will begin to take a journey into bringing this scripture into a science of the word of Christ, can it bring life?



    I am the bread of life.


    Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, and are dead.


    This is the bread which comes down from heaven that one may eat of it and not die.

    I am the living bread which came down from heaven.  If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is my flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world.


    I will buy 144 plant species. I will begin my second phase of research developing their chemical response to words of God versus plants without the verbal response.  It will be within this season I will document online that journey.  I will discover whether or not these plants die or live.  It will be an experiment to find if the words of Christ can become a control environment for life to sustain life.  In that effort to complete the process of eternal life in salvation can life sustain life by sharing the word of Christ? 


    Can these plant species feed off of the word of Christ and live forever based on its environment?


    Within these three year journey, I will begin to observe and study these scriptures on the basis of plant life.  In the process of chemical balance, chemical sustainability and finally chemical restoration, I will begin to design a scientific structure that may be duplicated for human life through the words of Christ as a chemical response and energetic force field that sustain life within the framework of its communication system.  It is evident that disturbance will play roles in its complications.  Therefore, I will have to journal the complexities of its complications and dynamics of disturbance versus establishment.  I find that within this research I will be able to find the alternative methods for poverty control, resource management and ultimately people management.  It will begin with the plant research design of using the communication system of Christ. 


    I will develop the daily practice, work out, conditioning and seasons of plans that will create the repetitions and strenuous communication diet for the plants to hear the vibrations of the Words of Christ in these verses.  This is an independent study that I will perform along side my research.  I find that in order for us to understand decay, disease, poverty, crime and war/violence, we must begin to understand the chemical and atom make up of our organisms.  I find that within this science, physics begin with chemical manipulation.  I hope that within my life time I will begin to have a break through in the study of salvation in our body. 


    It is within the after life we must wait to prove this theory of life eternally, but if I can work with the Holy Spirit, I hope in my life time, people will transform in the twinkle of their eyes to see, taste and experience the glory of God in their present selves.  The immortality, infinity and incorrupt selves that are destined to live forever and never experience death in their lives.  I have found that the human development of an embryo to an elder proceeds in one atom, the aging effect of a particle.  It is within my hope that aging particle is not different from the particle of a galaxies particle that lives beyond billions of years, and greater.


    In the hope that the connectivity of atoms, the ones living in us, and the ones living in space are one.  It is within my hope that our aging process is a human malfunction.  It is something we can correct.  I hope that it is an error on our part that can be fixed.  If we are a make up of atoms’ particles, in light years, then we should have the potential to live as long as an atom particle can live, organize and restore.  It is within my hope as I’ve learned in human interaction that our mistakes are not permanent mistakes.  If that is so, then in my research, it is within a calculation that we can fix what we’ve broken.


    I do believe it will take the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help us delve into the concepts of the universe.  It is within billions of years of knowledge we are not able to tap into within 70 years of our short visit, so with this hope that our decaying process, it would be humble to say I would need a teacher to catch me up on billion years of knowledge within a moment of time to direct me through what is a distraction, detour and hopefully, keep me on track to what is priority and necessary to build a new system that will guide human activity and life toward the necessary solutions to sustain their own lives in this aging process we call disturbances and human decay.


    Finally, it will be within this research how crime, war/violence, death, decay, and so forth have an impact on the atom particle within us and how our body functions within the framework of its chemical imbalance.  What is a chemical imbalance?  This is not the chemical imbalance that psychologists speak of, but the chemical imbalance of particle organization and atom connectivity with the universe.  It is within this hope as I build this research it will become clearer as I progress.  Until then, I will leave on this episode of hope that if Christ is a solution to our future then we are closer to ending “death” within us and each other.


    I will begin to work on the environment first, and hopefully if I get the break through, I will begin to work on our human life next.