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    Letter of Intent

    Dear Director:  I am graduating in Fall 2010.  I would like to apply for the Pilot Project Program to work on my research of Ecofeminism model for social and health justice to human and tree life.  I am interested in the opportunity to apply for the award for research and investigation for correlation with environmental impact and human health as one system approach.  Thank you for your time and consideration in this opportunity.

    Keisha Merchant

    Ecofeminism Model Correlation with Evolution in Human & Environmental Physiology, Health, Sustainability and Longevity Component to “Care Ethics” Relations in Society, Economy and Capital/Resource Stewardship, Management

    Keisha Merchant, June 2010, Proposal for Pilot Project Program

    Pilot Project Program

    Environmental Science Innovation: The mission of the EHSC Pilot Projects Program is to fund innovative and interdisciplinary basic research in environmental sciences as related to human health.


              This proposal is to do (1) relevancy to human health and (2) involvement of an environmental chemical or physical agent.

    For an example of human physiology and tree physiology, the links between the two are complex yet the variables are very reflexive.   In this pilot project program, I would like to address a analysis that the correlation between these two entities in our economy demonstrates the demand and need that social change is necessary for our next evolution stage as a progressive entity of living species, combination of atoms degradation or physiology degradation.

              This qualitative and quantitative approach is to combine the theory that our physiology is connected. Therefore, these two components are interlinked to survive as one unit.  It is within this framework that the economy must evolve and shift from commodity chemical driven on the basis for capitalism toward the evolution to “caring ethics” that must begin the process of public policy and procedural component of survival and subsistence of health.

              It is necessary to combine the human physiology activity and tree physiology to understand the correlation between these two global effects that may cause future degradation of human and plant evolution within the societal norm of capitalism and nationalism.  It is within my hope to create this pilot project to determine evolution for the populace of human health and forest health depends on the necessary tools of chemical manipulation and geographical structuring in the complication of economy and capitalism structures.   Therefore, it is within my research to create a laboratory to determine the effects on feminist models that play a role in evolution for humanity’s health and involvement with environmental sustainability and health.  It is within my experimentation that stewardship becomes a innovation implementation as a component to survival in human health rather a luxury delicacy for capitalism.

              Within this research, the eco feminism model of “caring ethics” will become a scientific approach to human physiology and tree physiology to sustain health in the information age of environmental and evolutionary transitions of climate control and capital manipulation.  I would like to work with a research laboratory that begin my work in a climate control inclusive environment created to observe human physiology and tree physiology producing and consuming oxygen under one climate and environment.  It will become a correlation link between behavior and health between two factors that drives an economy and capitalism to extinction.  Therefore, human and environmental extinction can become one component if not met the demands of stewardship evolution to socially change the degradation of human production of behavior and quantum physics.  Below is the simple formula for the pilot project that my claim for research is the correlation between feminist models and physiology in evolution to human and tree/plant health.  Therefore eliminating most possibilities to degradation and human/tree decay is necessary to change production in the economy and capitalistic approach to behavior and public policy.

    Correlation: Production and Consumption

    Tree Physiology

    • Trees both produce AND consume oxygen.
    • Young forests capture more carbon from the atmosphere than old forests.
    • Old forests have more stored carbon in the biomass than young forests.
    • The food that trees produce for themselves are sugars.
    • Tree species have highly variable requirements for light, nutrients, and moisture.
    • Oceans produce more oxygen and store more carbon than forests.


    Human Physiology

    ·        “For instance, when the concentration of carbon dioxide in the human body increases, the lungs are signaled to increase their activity and expel more carbon dioxide. Thermoregulation is another example of negative feedback. When body temperature rises (or falls), receptors in the skin and the hypothalamus sense a change, triggering a command from the brain. This command, in turn, effects the correct response, in this case a decrease in body temperature.”



              As an eco feminist, I propose that the feminist model is part of the production and consumption of production of health for environment and people, the populations of species.  Patricia Hills Collins that caring ethics is one of many models that must be integrated into the systems of economy and health.  Education is not the only production systems of health and environmental sustainability, but the physical models that are used through research and educational training.  I will propose to use the year to create and discover a feminist model that initially resolves the issues of environment and health for trees and people.  In this populace, species can consume and produce oxygen through the caring ethics that has not been built in our economy.

              As a research, I can prove that people will benefit greatly through the “caring ethics” model rather the capitalistic model that created the economical and environmental downward spiral of disease and decay.  I can use the qualitative approach of behavior and chemicals produce through behavior in the process of the caring ethics model and formula.  It will in turn the scientific innovation to create a science around the feminist model of chemical behavior as demonstrated through the forests and human intervention.  The cause and effect of human behavior through a feminist model will issue a resolution and opportunity to bridge the gap to health and environmental turmoil.

    For an example this journal article demonstrates the behavior of human intervention and the complexities of environmental health that may be a “spill over” to human health over time.  It is a demonstration that the matrix of human health links with environmental health.

    ·        Hong-Yan Zeng1 Contact Information, He Jiang1, Kui Xia1, Ya-Ju Wang1 and Yan Huang1   (1)           Institute of Biotechnology, College of Chemical Engineering, University of Xiangtan, Xiangtan, 411105, Hunan, China Received: 2 May 2009 Accepted: 15 September 2009  Published online: 19 March 2010

    “Owing to their toxic effects, including permeabilization of cellular membranes and cytoplasmic

    coagulation, phenolic contaminants can damage sensitive cells and thus cause profound health and environmental problems. Key organs damaged by chronic phenol exposure include spleen, pancreas, and kidneys (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, ATSDR 2006).” (Environ Sci Pollut Res (2010) 17:1035–1044)

    In the simplest formula for behavior of movement and the correlation to chemical production begin with observing the energy levels that create degradation, decay and production for consumption.  It is within this opportunity to suggest the theory of “caring ethics” in the feminist model to strategically create a possible scientific method to approach human and tree/plant physiology health within the methodology of a feminist model as a component to human and environmental sustainability and eliminate possible deterrents of extinction in the process of economy and capitalism production.  The greatest factor of human illness and tree illness in the process of physiology is degradation.  It is within this process of decay that the production of chemicals and within the information ages the undercurrents of policy and public disciplines cause and complicate the effects of environment and human health. 

              My report will entail the process of three elements of this correlation: the demand, exploitation, ethics of behavior and movement that suggest decay, degradation and chemical imbalance within environmental and people physiology sustainability and health.

    Qualitative Research: Behavior, the measure of human involvement, strategic implementation and resolution of conflict control connection with interference and disturbance

    Quantitative Research: Production, Consumption and Exploitation Cause/Effect on Health in Environmental and Human Physiology

    The measure factor in smaller scales to adjust to larger scales of impact and social evolution to health and physiology is the determinant factor for methods and policy.

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    Deleted Member Powerful my dear. I am an environmental educator who taught at one point in an Arboretum, literally means TREE MUSEUM. These are great places to begin if you can find one in your area.
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    Keisha Merchant thank you so much!!!!! so much love! nice hearing from you!
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