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King David


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    By Keisha Merchant


                    This is about a boy who grew up in a man. It is with the feminist lens that David had to learn how to kill to be a man. It was within this faith that God protected his life through his obedience in his faith.  It is a criticism that David had to kill women and children through his rampage to destroy his enemies, or threats to his kingdom.  He asked the Lord daily, by hour for protection.  He was afraid of the consequences of his hands.  It is within the feminist lens that David was the greatest man on the earth through his warrior like manhood, he was approved by God.  It is within this feminism lens that women were war tools that could have been suggested that rape and violent violation against women had been committed by David’s men.  It is throughout history that men have used war to kill women and children.  The opportunity to humiliate men and conquer territories was not considered as abominations against humanity.  

                    Therefore, we enter into what throne room of God?  Are we considered to be species worshipping a God of war, that shed blood and that is manhood?  David was the “Good guy?”  so what is the “bad guy?”  I find that problematic because David was not a man in his previous years as a boy.  It was said, through heresy though that David was a harmless man until the day he was presented by a threat to his sheep a Bear and Lion along with many predators attempt to attack him and his sheep.  He was faced with the fear to be man handled by predators, left as a scared boy.  His first bloodshed was in defense of fear to kill or to be killed.  We live in a society that killing is the nature of life.  Violence is part of the food chain, and finally, the worship of God is sacrifice.

    It is within this reflection that David was a little boy afraid to die, man handled by beasts that wanted to eat his flock.  It is within this fear that he had to defend his own life and those he was trying to protect as a boy.  Manhood became a journey of defense and not offense.  It is within this opportunity he continue this faith with Goliath, a nation that had giants that were trained to be bullies against other nations that may become enemies over time, by the practices of their people. It was a natural process that men put out their fires through violence, but what is manhood, brotherhood and soldiers of light?

                    It is said, over time, that those who are not part of the vine, are thrown out and burned, in the fire to be destroyed.  These passages remind us to kill or to be killed.  It is within this death and decay process we as a society begin to learn the lessons of death in life.  It is not something in the education system are we paid to learn how to be peacemakers, but violent peacemakers.  It is those who are enslaved or have slaves.  It is this same mentality that we begin to grow in our faith until deaths do us part.  It is sad that still to this day from the beginning of time, the authority of peace begin with a sacrifice of death.  It is without this faith that we are doomed to be seen as weak and women.  What is a woman?  It is the authority of weakness?  It is what most men fear the greatest point in life to be a victim to those that are stronger than their own self.

                    It is the fear to become preyed on by disease, decay, bullies and finally, those who are able to show themselves approved by someone or something higher than their own will.  It is a face value of what is strength, manhood and brotherhood, but it ends in the day that men are made out of material, biochemical material and the atoms of materials that end to one point in life, faith, a substance seen and not touched, but it is substance that exist.  I find that in order for ministry to thrive, faith is not just the fear of defeat, but it is the courage of facing defeat.  What is defeat?   The lens that determines that one may have been created to be weak or less than, finally the privilege to be destroyed, but in this fear it is the sound mind that material of molecules begins in fear but end in courage.  It is the substance that begins in corruption but end in incorruptibility. It is the opportunity to begin in mortality, but end in immortality.  Finally, it is the authority to be rejected, but after studying to show ourselves approved by God, it is becoming eternal and one with God through friendship and brotherhood of peace.  What peace?  The ability to walk away from a violent death to receive the salvation of eternal life the courage to face the greatest fear in self, weakness, so King David’s manhood, is that, the courage to face fear in the defense of life only to find that courage does not always mean war, sometimes it means kindness and so weakness is that gentle peace that have slept for so many years.


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