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Keisha Merchant

The After Life Saga Meditations Series


    This is my new series for all those who are recovering addicts, or some would say, life is a recovering addiction.  I will love for it to be all of the above as an affirmation to the restoration movement that love can heal all things, and restore all decay in human life.  Now let us begin.

    Expectations (Just For Today, Narcotics Anonymous)

    “As we realize our need to be forgiven, we tend to be more forgiving.” Basic Text, p. 38

    “Our behavior toward other people in our life is a mirror of our behavior toward ourselves.”

    As Jesus says, treat others as you want to be treated, yet if you are not able to treat yourself with that type of love you long for in others then it is apparent that you need a teacher, coach and mentor.  Life does not give us life manual, nor free lessons on how to be loving, and receiving loving assertively.  It is within this hope that my goal is to use these wonderful wise sayings, and gifts of love through the inspiration of others that keep men, women and the youth bound to never finding eternal life among each other.  I suppose if you want to be a critic, then death is our fate, but if you want to be an inspirational and motivational life giver and give gifts of love then these series of the After Life Saga is for you. 


    I find that within my life as a veteran and a retired or in my own right retired athlete that it is important to choose your fate, choose life if you can.  My mother always says, you will never find out unless you try, give your best foot forward sometimes begin with believing in the possibilities that it can happen and will happen to you, you just do not know the time and that date that it will occur.  But, until then, press into or some say, P.U.S.H into it.  (Pray, Until, Something, Happens)  It is within this meditation that we will reflect on the possibilities of what expectations do we have from our own life and others.  It is within this hope that we will begin the journey in the recovery and restoration of what is a healthy expectation?

    First, a healthy expectation is Life is a mirror, so look in it.  The first expectation is one must be able to look into the mirror.  What do you see?  First, write down what you hear and see.  If you are able to be honest with yourself then this is the first goal in life, integrity.  It is obvious that no one can tell you what to do, but freedom is a privilege and responsibility.  Life is a privilege, and it demands great responsibility.  It is necessary for us to first dig deep in our lives through intently looking in the mirror.  It is writing down everything, not some of the things, but all the actual mental tapes, feelings that come out of that experience when peering into your own image of self.  What is self?  Self not the surface self, the skin, the biological make up that most scientist spend their lives researching on the ways it is operated through automatic reflex or physical attributes only, but the past educational experiences that remind you of systems of oppression, and systems of privilege.  It is the experiences that has shape our lives and minds in convincing us that life is full of limitations and potential of impossibilities if made or created as a superior.  It is all those conditions that involve “expectations.”  It is what drives us to be mad and those expectations that drive us to be addicts.  It is all those identities that gave us authority and those that broke us down as dictators and tyrants over our lives.  It is all the predators that victimized, and it is all the failures and weaknesses that kept us bound in a cage that felt as the abyss and wrath of God’s condemnation that we are mortals.  It is all those things possible that you can see in that mirror reflections in the pros and cons of what is real and not real.  Now that is honesty and integrity.  It is not that you practice honesty and integrity with others, but that you can write down these things, reflects, and then possible post them in a journal as part of your journey. 

    Second, you must find your forgiveness letter.  It is created after you list what you see in the mirror.  Now spend an hour or so in the mirror, not a minute.  It is not enough to just take a picture, but you can to replace the time standing up for those who can not stand for long periods of time.  It is within this exercise you must find the forgiveness letter.  It is the opportunity that most people do not have in the life time is to receive those forgiveness letters from those who were not the best fit for your life.  In this process, take the time to write yourself a forgiveness letter from each person on your list that assisted in the construction of your identity.  In this process, realize you are not yourself, or should I say, you are yourself, and the letter should be written as though you wanted to hear those words, but never got a chance to receive those words from those actual people.  Even if it is God, and your own self, make the time to write an individual and personal but real, honest letter that demonstrated a purposeful and thought out forgiveness letter asking for forgiveness from you.  In this process, release that fear to write it and do it.  This is the most amazing part of the process.

    Before I go for this episode in this series of the After Life Saga, remember that meditation establishes you, it does not construct your identity, personality nor persona, aura, but it does establish you, building deep roots of which you desire and expect yourself to be forever. It is within my hope today that your expectations are three elements, forgiveness, acceptance and having mercy heart that understands the dynamics of mistakes, disappointments and human shortcomings.  Just remember treat others with the mercy and forgiveness you seek for in your own self and life and maybe the expectation you have for others and your own life will become not only healthy but rewarding.

    Safe journeys, your girlfriend, sister and shawomyn,