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Keisha Merchant

The Popular Culture


    The Popular Culture

    Missing My Fans: Fame is nothing without Fans


    What can I say today, I was looking into my heart and my reflection made me realize that life is more precious than gold. It is today that gives us the right to find life. It is within our hope and a promise to

     survive that gives us courage. It is within our life time that we have witnessed wars, crimes, movies and the greatest breathing machines that ever lived, us, our own breath. I find that we look outside the external means to justify who we are in reality it is our own mirrors that catches us off guard. I look for opportunities and podiums to express myself, but in reality it is not the shared knowledge that empowers me, but the journey that keeps me alive. It is the opportunity to be an expression, the freedom to exist, and then to vocalize that existence as the lilies and the roses. I exist for one reason to be a painting on a wall. Some may spit at that painting, and even try to rip it up to the shreds of a million one pieces, but that existence proves that God is real. I exist because God exists. The matter within physics has nothing to do with us, but everything to do with God. Yet over years, we have war and violence to initiate that truth that covers the favor of God that peace and love is real.


    I may not win popularity, become famous, rich, and the world may not read me in text books, but today, I exist as the lilies and roses. Yet we do not know them by name, we know they exist and not yet terminated, extinction. It is within that hope that love bounds life that God loves us and within us we have that love. It is a forbidden paradise that comes through once in a lifetime, the day we are born, and mourned the day we are reborn. It is that day that keeps us mystified, and as a riddle we walk through this existence understanding one important component about life that there is a God. It is in that wonderful and fearful opportunity we have that opportunity to look in the mirror and find the greatest beast created, or the least specimen destroyed, but we are the formula of God's handiwork that we exist through the mystery that we are alive. It may be for a moment, or eternity, we have that hope that love will abound inside, and life is written forever in the embodiments of our birthday, the mirror speaks truth, that today, we are alive, truly alive in that we have the freedom to choose our splatter of love on the wall of our environment, society, and universe.


    It is within that hope that the pen I carry and the paper I stroke that my words are empowering, earth shaking maybe, thought provoking, but never, hurtful. I cannot stand in courage if I have destroyed the person I see in the mirror, it is division that keeps us bound to the eternal cell of confusion and unproductively. It is within my hope that we are more than a life passing by. It is within my greatest wishes that our global community shares one essence that love bounds people to one cause that we care about each other's life. Death will pass away one day, when we care enough to destroy violence and stop breaking the mirrors because the mirrors remind us that life is precious, and in that life, God created someone special, a sleeping giant when dead and beautiful as the wind when alive.