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Keisha Merchant

Never Mind, "What are we going to do during this Global Extinction, Warming, Warning?

  • Never Mind, “What Are We Going to Do During Global Extinction, Warming?”

    What is homogenization in previous times?  It is evident that extinction comes from a homogenous life.  People are not different from plant and animal species in the aspect of reduction to biodiversity.  It is within this reflection that I will discuss the life of salvation or sustainable life if we believe in the future of our globalization process.  Yes, it is necessary to discuss the elements that make our outcome different from previous extinctions in the past generations. 

    The first element is homogeneous factor.   In the bible, Jesus spoke about all is one?  I believe that Jesus was trying to give us a heads up on the weather charts that climate control, population control and life control is not the solution to our future.  It is not the solution to our evolution according to Darwin.  So, if you consider these two minds as a genius then you have to recalculate the necessary mental frame that unity is the next chapter to reducing our “high risk” factor.  It is not finding strategic plans to destroy, kill and steal from others, to keep your head afloat when in fact, this does not work.  It has proven to fail over and over, time and time.  In this aspect, the college boys and girls which you may call our crème of the crop will become blind if their advice is to find ways to control populations through death, torture and torment.  It is not going to work, it will lead to that circle of friends own destruction, and we all fail again.  It is within this hope that the scriptures demonstrate progress and the trust of this process that extinction is on the rise if we continue to do the same old stuff as we have done in the claimed past histories of conquering people rather resolving the issues with diversity.

    Discrimination is what created this mess with our economy.  It is evident that multiplication is serious when it comes to math.  It is the only way to build wealth by multiplying the numbers.  The population of our consumers is that economy of wealth.  The opposite direction is the Great Depression again, as we have seen in the previous generations.  We are not going down this path again I hope.  I find that we are not using our own past histories to teach us, “Not this way!”  When the rich man went to hell, the grave, he saw the poor man, the beggar in heaven, getting fed, and this was a lesson he learned when chatting with Abraham.  May I go back to warn my other rich friends! I want to let them know this is not the way.  We can afford to share our wealth.  It is called multiplication not subtraction.  If we can teach others wealth and prosperity it means our wealth and prosperity multiplies.  But what do I know, yet Jesus spoke about it, Darwin spoke about it, Einstein spoke about it, and the list goes on and on.

    I realize that our extinction is a laughing matter to the great and powerful because resources looking good right now for them.  It is not like the ant in the winter time, who feels his abundance is going to carrying him and his troop because of their storehouses, but here’s the other side, in ancient times, all the wealth, powerful leaders, rulers, and the list goes on, where are they?  Where are their mansions?  Where is their jaguars, their staff and all their dynasties?  I am not trying to be mean, but look around, those wealth is in extinction, there is no one living today from those families of wealth?  Yes, you may believe you are part of that wealthy family, but you had to rebuild, restock, and refurnish and refurbish everything.  But, who gave you that gift?  It is in that power we give ourselves credit, but in a blink of the eye, climate can come into our lives and wipe us out without any knowledge at all.  Yes, it is that last thought, it can’t happen to me, gets us all.

    It can happen to us all.  This is not a doom and gloom story, this is the good news that extinction is not going to happen if we practice and follow the ways of Jesus.  It is simple, but yet so we find ourselves killing Christians.  We find ourselves in religious wars, sacrificing children and women to abuse, neglect and pain.  We are lost in pestilence, plagues of diseases, and finally, the aging factor, I have found no one have found the cure to that dilemma.  It is still evidence that God, the higher life, way and truth, through his Son, still have the keys to what we need, eternal life, paradise, multiplied, and us, a life we cannot afford.  It is within this hope I will close this off that our technology and homogeneous status is not what makes us, it will be what breaks us, include us to the list to other cultures, societies, and we will be primitive again.  It is not that we are primitive, but our ignorance makes us primitive because we ignore the ways of Jesus to be a biodiversity society.  Yes this is necessary to move us to the next chapter.  The previous life we were homogeneous and look where that got us.  Hopefully, we have a different song, and that is we are going to overcome by not repeating history.  As a team, it will take all of us to master this one; death must flee if we stop drinking its potions.

    New Testament, Jesus quotes, I am the way, truth and life, follow me, or some would say, no man can get to my father but through me…what was he saying, no one can find the cure to life unless they try out his ideas, theories, methods, ways, and all the educational system, training and such through what he left, we must learn of him as a student learning to change course to our destination from death into life and very few find it, so we better double up.  Stop the violence, stop the hate, and stop the lack of discipline because one man down means one good idea destroyed.

    Erwin, Douglas, Extinction, How Life on Earth Nearly Ended 250 Million Years Ago, Princeton University Press, Princeton and Oxford, 2006.  I needed to add my own summary, but some good bits to start this reflection to the reason why we cannot wait for death to swallow us up!  There is urgency on our generation to change our behavior, attitude, and now is not the time to be like our forefathers, those in the grave, but then again, some believe that Jesus did not ascend, so why believe at all that life is worth living?  Of course, those who want to believe that someone made it out of the grave alive can possibly teach others to make it out of the grave alive as well, might have a solution that is functional to our growth as a human species, the evolution to a future we do not have can change by a small mustard seed of faith.  It is within my studies that historical factors of artifacts prove that our practices brought us to our extinctions all the time, so why are we doing the exact same stuff?  We must try something new, love seems to be ignored, and so we are ignorant.  And by the way, those who do not have any intentions to love, and use love to kill, steal and destroy, as though love makes us a victim to our own decay, please stop being the problem and be the solution.  The pleasure of hurting someone is not the way or bragging rights on the block. 

    It is sad and breaks my heart that people take kindness and weakness and killing as strength.  I agree with the monks, it is just the opposite that those who are blind to human life any life have some sort of weakness that they must terminate life, but then you question God and wonder about his wrath, and vengeance on evil and wickedness.  So much to learn, and such a small time to learn it all in, I have ran out of time for this episode, but I can promise you that the good news is that some of us are awake and others are sleep.  Those who are sleep, wake up!!!   Become part of the solution, please!  This is a team, and we need everyone to play their role for and not against the whole goal.  The goal is to starve death, not feed it!!!!  Extinction or Eternal Life?  Maybe Jesus should have made it that way, because we miss the point when we say Life or Death, or even Eternal Damnation and Eternal Bliss seem to be worn out.  How about Eternal Accountability and Responsibility for your Actions or Eternal Thankfulness that your Actions were Responsible and You were Accountable?


    Your Girl, loves you, and I am rooting for us all because I know we can do this, it would be amazing if we made it to the promise land, all of us, because we change course, or stop practicing these dysfunctional practices we call pleasures when in fact it is a technique to put us out of the game. Much love, safe journeys, and please let us find solutions that keeps us all safe. ~:) Lets stop this cycle of victims and predators, and become a new cycle or evolved cycle of equal harmonious practitioners.