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Keisha Merchant

Sweet Sleep


    When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet. Proverbs 3:24, King James Version, God’s Promises, 2009.

    In the morning, I realize in my meditation time that the Lord is there for everyone.  I was reading the Oprah Winfrey’s fan base response to her talk show that said there is more than one way to get into heaven.  It was within that hour of reading all the responses of Christians and everyone that was not a Christian I realize I had to meditate and pray in the Spirit on what does it mean to follow Jesus, and the inspiring words of Jesus when he said, “I am the Way, Truth and Life, and no man can come to the Father unless through Him.”  I believe in this journey of reflection I will focus on Ms. Winfrey’s talk show and the New Age, as the means they claim they can get into Infinity, Immortality and to Heaven, or the New Jerusalem.

    Let me begin with saying my disclaimer that I am a student of Christ, I too follow the teachings of Christ as a martial art, and as a spiritual passage into eternity, so therefore, and these words are inspired by the promises of Jesus Christ.  I find that the promises of a man are broken, but in time, it will prove if the promises of God will be or can be broken.  In the desert, or wilderness, I should say, the Israelites, as Moses guided them into the promise land, some fail because of doubt, so with that said, this passage I wanted to focus on for meditation is the Proverbs of Solomon that the wisdom in God giving us sweet sleep and safety in our journey must come from the promises of His mouth.

    Now let us begin the journey of meditation, and I will end in prayer, the reflection of why I believe in the promises and inspirations of the Son of God that was sent to earth, called Jeshua, or Jesus.  I find that Winfrey was speaking about a New Age movement that bridge faith to science.  It is an attempt to show people how to be responsible with their lives as kind hearted and minded people. It is an attempt to live a lifestyle with “good works” and that is honorable in the fact that no one should lead a life of violence and mischief.  I suppose the freedom sense of disobedience in violence would be to a society of the abyss, but who loves to bully a bully?  So there is the misery loves company spectrum.  I find that people who are violent is not interested in competition, but preying on the victims, those who are not violent.  Therefore, the ideas of Winfrey and the New Age is that direction of dismantling the violent in the mind, heart and soul of all those who want and desire to be responsible; and in self-control.

    The matter for the Jesus followers are that it is without the inspiration of Jesus or his Holy Spirit that these actions are done, and therefore the intentions are based on the strength of self not of inspirations of God.  For example, if I wake up in the morning, I am kissed by my husband; therefore, his sweet kiss inspires me to be happy and confident that day.  On the other hand, if I kiss myself, I am inspired by my own self to be happy and confident that day.  Is there a difference, for those who are not inspired by Christ, there is nothing wrong with inspiration of self.  So, why are the Christians upset?  It is the disheartening that Christians could not imagine not being awakened by a kiss from their Christ, or inspirations of Christ, not knowing that there is a God that cares, higher than the universe, and self, keeps Christians hopeful that our life does not end due to that hope that keeps Christians connected and inspired.

    Now what does that mean to the diversity of life?  Should everyone believe in Christ and become clones?  I do not believe that will happen.  Not everyone will believe in Christ or God because we are free to believe whatever we desire to believe.  I hope and think Winfrey and the New Age movements with all the faith communities are saying, “let us live in peace, or coexist, by eliminating violence, death and the horrible actions that cause us to mourn and decay or should I say die.”  I find that the solution is honorable, but the means to that solution is incomplete, but it is the intention that I find is innocent.  I almost bought into the bashing, but I brought myself into reflection to say, that not everyone desire to be married, nor does everyone desire to be single, so therefore, should we complicate the matter by forcing everyone to do one or the other?  I find that our ways are not God’s ways, for those that believe in God.  Those who do not believe in God, who am I to judge.  I find that in my life the idea of hate crimes are more important to discuss, poverty and illness from disease and decay that matters to bring to the forefront.  I find that it is not the time to argue whether or not someone has a personal relationship with Jesus or live in the Holy Spirit’s dwelling place, except for those who are Christ followers. 

    I find it is important to know who is like minded, but for the only component to understand the ingredients of life.  I do not see life without a masterful picture created, but for Christians to eliminate pieces to the puzzle it is not our authority or right to be a taxonomist of creation based on who believes in Christ and who believes in God.  I find that it grieves our heart that someone could not be in love with the ideology of Christ and God’s love to send his only son to die for humanity, such heroic epic to see a universal omnipotent humble for an ant is such a wonderful thought, but to force someone to believe that same story is not gentleness or loving.  I find that I am inspired and thankful that I have the imagination of a child that I can believe in the story of Christ and the God of the Jews.  I find that in the end, my marriage with the ideology, or passion for the life of immortality, infinity and paradise comes through one belief channel, the house of that keeper of that promise. 

    Now that is what keeps us vulnerable and humble to someone outside of self, but whom is that someone?  I know in my heart, it is not to our own understanding can we master the “knowing” of God, the knowledge of God is beyond the years of society, culture, humanity and our own imagination, the ideas that can conceptualize God should not go mad, but should be sleeping in sweetness because God chose them to know the omnipresence of Creation.  It is the Potter’s hands, we are divinely created.  Some believe and some do not.  It is as the wealthy would say, my reality is different from yours, but I do not have to be cruel and vexed by your reality.  Let me give you a hand.  I find if Winfrey can give her life to giving gifts and being a cheerful and generous giver, and at the end of the day is not mad or angry, she has lived a full and blessed life.

    Those who can love a God that they cannot see as a family member, as a mother or father, have only added to the potential of their own blessed life.  It is called an abundant life to share and fellowship with God, and in that love it is a blessing to be in the presence of God.  It is another reality that the wealthy may or may not know of. It is another reality that the poor may or may not know of, but it is a reality that those who call on the name of Jesus, in his promise, will be saved, or his promises are meant to be broken.  Before I go, by who can break the promises of the Son of God?  Time will tell?  Until then, we all stand as witnesses of our own realities.  May we all find safe journey into our reality.  Here’s my prayer that the Lord will allow me to lie down and take away my fears that I may not be afraid, and when allow my sleep to be sweet.  This is the first promise I am asking God to keep.  Some would say, self can provide that, but I say, I want to count on that with assurance that when I fail, someone’s perfect promise kicks in.  Your Girlfriend, Keisha