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Keisha Merchant

Glory Of Christ


    But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4: 19

                    What does it mean to trust a faith?  How can someone measure the actions of a faith?  It is within my hope to demonstrate another perspective of faith.  It is within this classroom of Life, Love and Beauty we will find grace.  It is evident that in the age of war, violence, and death, we cannot see the glory of who God truly is becomes we become blinded by the abuse, neglect and destruction of others that we find ourselves entangled by weeds.  What are the weeds, some would say faith is like opium of the masses, those who believe in their own imagination is weak and who can trust them?  It is obvious that those who are opposite, and say, those who are without faith are like weeds of the masses, those who do not believe in God are susceptible to condemnation of their own failures.  Now you wonder what my own perspective is. 

                    I am the type that believes that Jonah was a sign and Christ was that fulfillment of that sign of Jonah.  The sign of Jonah is that God became angry because people tested him on his existence and in their freedom destroyed his creation, the world he created, therefore, he was angry.  This is called the wrath of God, but for a child this is called an angry daddy.  For that reason alone, his sentence and verdict to all those who enjoy testing and destroying other lives without any responsibility to their own actions as though they had the right to violate the plans of God, sense their need to be trialed by God.  It is within this I have learned that men and women lose their “fear” or should I say holy fear of God’s power to display from good or evil, some would call evil, but for a child, it would be called angry God, jealous God or a God of discipline.  Now what would I say, that in my studies of imagination and inspiration of the Holy Spirit through the teachings of the scripture and reflections of the scripture that God is a merciful God in that said, he turns his “choice” freedom to destroy on the basis of a humble heart, retentive soul, true repentance.   I find that God in Jonah was an omnipotent God that allowed death to pass by.  As though, their house was saved because they repented, and turned away from their desires to be destructive.  Using the lens of a child, I find that this is helpful because those who are atheist have their right and freedom to be an atheist.  This is not a law.

                    This is the moral of the story that creates hope and assurance that life is kept in the eyes of the beholder.  God is the beholder, and in those lenses, we are kept.  Now the process is how are we kept?  It is only through God’s supplies are we able to be resourceful, then we must ask how are some resourceful and others are not as resourceful?  It is evident that we have to trust the process, but what is trust?  It is within the riches of Christ we see God’s glory through what we can actually believe into the scriptures of promise that can be the path for our own redemption that our minds cannot wrap around, but knowing his promises, trusting those promises to be real is what keeps us bound in that peace agreement with God.

                    Those without a house will not understand how death can pass over, but in the passing over of death, the glory of God is seen because only the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob can these keys be used.  In that sense, what is Christ, when the Jews stumble at that cornerstone of whether his authority was truly from God?  It is said that eternal life is the evidence that Christ is real and the promises of Christ is true that within the life of a human the work of Jesus must show as a witness of their own life.  It is not the science of man that proves evolution, but the glory of God that proves salvation and immortality.  It is a miracle that we live, but it is a miracle that we will live again.  It is a miracle times a hundred if we never die, so with this said, the ideology of Christ is the riches that each life bears the fruit of his own ownership of his estates in Christ.  The life of a believer is not to kill, as the monk and martial art of Tai Chi; it is deflect, but not to destroy.  It is to heal not to harm.  It is to learn to do well not to learn to do cruelty.  In the end, it is the greatest opportunity for our own existence is to find the eternal life that was meant for our own “today.”  Until then, as we pray and hope, we are students of infinity, immortality and Christ, the Son of God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that keeps families alive and safe in the times of trouble and peril/destruction of violent creatures. My prayer: may you find love before violence finds you because Love never fails and is eternal within you, and keeps you when you’re in love.  Your Girlfriend, Keisha