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Keisha Merchant

What In the World?

  • (Disclaimer: Just one of those days of research...may I find the time to do more than just pray...but be useful for the world's dying children that need food, shelter, clothes and health care, what can I do Lord, just pray is not enough...faith without works is dead.)

    What are we going to do? When is it time to find world poverty as an issue first comes first basis, society of the rich, take your turn in line...please! We have so much work and so very little time ...a person's safe journey is only 120 years if they are still given their ability to function. It is only within 90 years that action can be done effectively with the amount of energy and resources we are not able to find the sustainable love that keeps us all safe from the detriments of poverty, lack of resources, and we wonder what is wrong with this picture? We talk about politics in our country, the republicans and democrats, the political parties, the wealthy, and the corporations, we wonder what is going on with this discussion, and yet we wonder why we have a division of the poor against the rich? Are we jealous of their homes? Of course not? Do we want their burdens of wealth? Of course not, then why is there not affordable health care, universal health care, universal food, shelter and clothing care and human rights that allows us to have the responsibility to distribute resources in a means of productivity for all?

    My prayer: Lord let us not waste our precious time in building riches only for our own...but let us find a way to do it for our neighbors.