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Keisha Merchant

Saved By Love


    Great peace has they which Love thy Laws of Love Grace and nothing shall offend them. Psalms 119: 165

    “Here you go baby sis...i am very diversified... :) he's a sexy soul too, beautiful soul!!! :) In the Lord has done good! what is that verse if you can love your friends anyone can do that, but who can love them all...has done better...I like leaving out pieces for you to do your research...:) you have to learn more scripture to understand the whole picture sweet heart, and know that learning a few scriptures do not miss the heart of the scripture is love, and with your whole life the understanding behind love, and what is that...is what inspires scriptures in us, not to just correct and find pleasure in solidarity, but in our weakness sometimes we find love as well, and in that moment we have found grace, but what do your BIG SIS knows...:) about anything :)"

    So today’s message is that we have love and pleasure that is always condemned as selfishness and greed, so therefore what is love when you love someone all the time.  It is within the moderation that balance is made in the greed of pleasures. So, in this saying we miss out in what loving with all your heart and mind of course all soul and strength.  I think in the inspiration in the scripture it is a very detail oriented saying that discernment of the spirit is needed to understand the laws of grace in the fact that salvation is based on the sacrifice and obedience of Christ.  In that thankfulness and appreciation we have only one life to live in the freedom of salvation.  It is within righteousness that we are slaves to sin because we all fall short to the glory of God and if any man says he has never sin has lied.  Therefore, what can we account to the salvation of obedience except the just shall live by their faith.  It is the substance that is hope for and evidence not seen, therefore, hope keeps us in faith for one day we will be all transformed, but the process is eternal, life everlasting within the power and love of God’s mercy to show us beauty through his own daily existence in our own lives.

    The fact that anyone like myself tries to teach eternal love is a scripture by scripture flaw that can be used with the sensitivities of love and grace.  Sometimes in the music of soul and R&B it connects the person to the promises that we are not bound by the law but by grace and within the gospel arena we are also reminded that we are bound by mercy and salvation in the covenant that we make with God’s son that we trust his obedience and therefore we follow the love of his heart to be a physician of the sick and those who are bound by the law.  Therefore it is the final conclusion that I am inspired by my baby sister to write such a piece that I will call, saved by grace.  In the end, sexual love and sexual immorality are two different concepts of life.  The idea that sexual immorality binds us to the lack of love for each other and lack of caring grace for each other’s weaknesses and understanding for commitment and loyalty, but sexual love binds us to the ideology of faithfulness and trueness that is created by grace which is in the promises of our own hope and faith.

    Now I have to go, but I will return when I am inspired to give reflection of a passing thought as we all continue to grow and mature in our own identity.  Keep on keeping on…Your Girlfriend, Keisha”