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Keisha Merchant

The Spiritual Advisor


    Casting all your cares upon him; for he cares for you. 1Peter 5:7

                    I found that I would worry and be concern about my fears future, trust issues about everyone ad everything.  It was said by love ones that I had become a busy body because I was always in others business.  I felt dislocated and hurt because all of my cares became a tight rope that kept me feeling as though no one wanted me around.  I learned through those years alone that people were not concerned about my life, and my life was not valuable to them because they could not see pass their own loves.  I found that God cared for me.  He did not call me busy body, I felt his gentleness and loving grace because when I was rejected by those who I loved the most I was able to stand up and keep walking forward.  I think sometimes life is something that we must master. It is within our will power to work hard, the duty to live and then we must believe in something higher than what we were trained to do, and believe in that is life after life.  It is the second chapter from what we originally believed in because our cares become part of a higher life than our own.  It is not just our cares in our own laps but cares that God resolve, and that is immortality in the Lord.


    I would one day see the growth and maturity of a baby that once was a five year old an embryo, but not a decay being, seeking for eternal life, but a person who cast all her cares on God to find that he truly cares for me.  It is all of us that he truly cares for when we are able to cast our cares higher than our own life learning.  We can not understand that this concept takes us to the next level of life through the labyrinth that keeps us bounded by the struggle and legacy of struggle of paying bills and paying taxes.  It is beyond our purpose of war and conflict. It is beyond our pain and suffering to cast our cares on the Lord who promise and blesses those with salvation.  It is within this protection and covering that the mantle of God is a powerful fortress that keeps a well and wall in our lives that demonstrates the truth that he exists, sovereign and possibly beautiful when we can see pass our own beauty.

    It is within my heart that I learn that when people cast me down, let my cares to pile up without coming to my rescue that God truly cares for me and that I could have possibly cast my cares at his feet, and my appointment of cleansing and rescue could have been sooner in the process that I rebounded quicker because I took out the middle man and that is self and those external forces that bind me to the disbelief that life is a continuation in God’s Son as the obedience of loyalty and blessings.  In his inheritance I find grace, mercy and love, and the process of casting my cares on God is the transformation of becoming careless to carefree.  I know that it is a hard teaching to receive, and at times I scratch my head as though I spent my whole life chasing my own circle that I wonder is I’m going somewhere?  I know in my heart I am going somewhere even through the rejections that I am a busy body because I care and want to know people’s business not because I want to be a journalist and inquired mind, but because in that process of knowing their business, I am able to be a friend to carry their burden and to take their burden to the Cross, casting all my cares on God, so that I am able to be a blessing not a curse.  It is within that understanding I know some people toss your pearls violently on the ground, trampling your priceless gems because their lives are private.

    It is within my hope that I will learn how to master life in the salvation of love and mercy.  I cannot understand the need to be forgotten, but I have to give people their privacy in their own cares.  Friendship is to show thyself friendly, and casting cares is part of the process of being caring, so when I reflect on the challenges I have in my daily life to juggle stress I must meditate on noble, lovely and pure thoughts that when I am strong I must use my internal life to be holy and whole.  This does not mean to help in the world running around with my head cut off, but to clean the world, be a steward of the world, manage my own life in the hope of discipline of the mind that I am forgiven, and so therefore, using that forgiven life to shape my community through the discipline of the mind..  This is the first step to changing my response to those who say that I am a busy body.  It is not to repeat the cycle of abuse for abuse, but to renew my mind, in order to send a new messages of hope that I am more than a busy body, but someone who cares, and in that love, unconditional love, I will learn to be still and quiet and trust God to show me his glory of salvation and mercy in my own life, and that life changes the world, one breath at a time, baby steps.  I know it is a life that will take many lives, so one moment at a time that I care casting all my cares unto God, and those cares may include mines and yours. 


    Yes, mind my own business, my business is that I can only do me, and be me, and therefore, I am what I am, a person who cares, the concerns I have is that we all have a safe journey the opportunity of a blessed life that violence will pass away in our lives, hearts and minds, and that our desire for war, abuse and neglect would decrease, and our desire to break bread with one another, fellowship in thankfulness, Change poverty into paradises, and deserts into gardens, until then, I will change my mind that I may respond to my neighbors and love ones that call me names that I have only one motive in your blame to see us in the greatest pleasure in the book of life, that is Salvation in the promise that God is a God of his word, the love we have in Christ his Son is not to ignore such a great gift that is given freely while the time is near to receive the loving inheritance to not be rejected.  It is within my hope that our lives are more than violent disturbances, selfish corruptions and decaying corpses, but I use this Christ Chi, to prepare for greater wealth and riches of love, intimacy and solidarity. Safe journeys my friends, Your Girlfriend, Keisha