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Keisha Merchant

Lay Me Down


    I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for you O Lord, only make me dwell in safety. Ps. 4:8

    Dear Lord,

    I write this letter today in order to chat with you. I see in the world right now, the children aren’t able to play in clean parks, free of charge.  They are not able to be educated unless they pay for the brands of demands.  I find that the children are wondering in the streets looking for drugs and they always miss the opportunity to skip to the rhythms and the beats.

    Who will change their lives? Who will help them grow, become nourished and set them free from debt, the dollar bill that demands them to be exploited.

                    What is the economy doing right now?  How are we able to achieve success in the economy when we have used the traditional practices that have failed us?  It has been very few innovators that have allowed our society to move forward in progress.  It is nothing to be proud of when you have high crime, war, violence, and destructive practices in corporations, corruption in government, and individuals that are ignorant to the demands of stewardship and compatibility with consumerism and healthy consumerism. 

                    Why do I use bible verses to associate practices of globalization, future social evolution and potential government reformation and revolutionary social changers as innovators to the economy, culture and society?  This is the aspect of using the ancient with the new, present moment, the passing thought of goals, strategic planning and objective thinking to find the solutions as mediators into the overall picture of what is going on in the world.  It is no wonder people are not able to chat around the table about political progress, economic welfare, social content and violence in our own back yards.  It is not a behavioral practice that we associate ourselves with no charge society.  It has become a myth and fable that people chat about love, unconditional support structures and flexibility to what we deem worthy as negotiation and win/win solutions for whom?

                    I find that as a chat personality we discuss the opportunities of paying bills, making ends meet for the working class and health care for the poor.  It is the wealthy that chat about getting the best deal, and so the cycle and continuum spectrum of sustainability is low and not high.  Our high risk investments are that we are afraid to move forward in progress.  We are afraid to go broke.  We are afraid to be pioneers unless someone can reassure us that our profits will increase.  Otherwise, the stock market is the only ball game that people are willing to lose at something in life.  Not those medical doctors are willing to contribute to saving the world in the health industries.  Not that ministers are willing to provide no charge education, services of shelter, clothing and quality time to give people trades, skills, and opportunities to network in the potential of the kingdom of God, which we have always learned was the hope of eternity.  Finally, the ideology of the participation that hard work gets you far, has shortchanged the middle class because their employers have found the better deal called playing on their employees needs of desperation for a job.

                    This brings me to the final attribute of the world peril that heaven has nothing on the flaws of men.  The concept that evil is within the gates of heaven has been something in wonder, but the relationship people have with each other is beyond reason to say that evil and wickedness of hierarchies in the heavenly realms control the minds and hearts of the souls that we think we have freedom of speech.  We believe we have the safety and security to be adjusted to our own material wealth, discoveries and experiments, yet we will find that as the fly we have just an appointed time to solve the greatest riddle of all time, that is the eternal youth of fountains of eternal life sustainability, restoration, preservation and conservation of our own lives, first, second the environment, and the civilization that the economy brings us the great pleasures that people have tasted over ages.  It is within this hope that we will not miss that we will be plundered with pleasures to escape that we spent our whole lives, the short time, allotted to us, that the universe and galaxies had our best interest in mind, but we were scattered around the world confused to keep us distracted from building the tower of symbolic Babel, what is the tower of Babel? 

                    `I think as I reflect and freely write as a chat personality I have come to this conclusion that people we be led like sheep unless shepherds wise up, get right, and surrender their lives to the intimacy of what we call, compassion and mercy.  It is within this feminist lens, God is found through the hope that we are set free from captivity?  Captivity from what, death, illness, disease, aging and decay of our minds, hearts and bodies; we can escape unless we are pardoned by the government of Christ.  For those that do not think it is for real, only time will tell when the economy sweep over the whole world that completely ignorant to the calculus of the God in the universe, the authority of all numbers, mathematically infinity adding up the errors that permitted people to make their wages that ended their lives without a guardian to protect and guard their steps.  It is not an absolute that one will say that positivity is the only way, and within the new age, we find that our own right is to believe whatever we want, but what we will not have in common is the transformation of our lives.

                    Now that we have transformed as the fruit on the tree, each person has a personal, private life that transform a life into a blossom flower that the planter knows what it takes to plant, grow, nurture, and in the end of that manifestation, that flower, plant tree and see comes to the realization it is this type of tree or that type of plant.  It is within my own scope in life that our lives are based on how we live within the life of our internal dwellings, the conversations we entertain, and the thoughts that we completely understand, reason with and develop.  It is within my hope that our prayers at night is not how can I find safety, security and happiness only, but how I can multiply that with out jeopardizing others, hurting others, and if I am able to be a blessing to the environment, I want more of that. 

                    Life is more than just the practice we entertain, but the thoughts and secret life we find pleasure in.  Lord I just want to say thank you so much for blessing us with your Son, may we find the pardon gifts because in my world there is no pardon.  Our companies here abandon their contracts, take back homes, cars, and people’s assets because they do not have any mercy, forgiveness of debt nor is our livelihood based on the pardoning gestures of what can we do to help you succeed.  It is within my hope that you hear that I appreciate that your government is nothing like our globalization.  I find that our corruption that we are bias, some of us have shelter, some of us have phones, some of us have water, clean water, some of us have health, and it is nothing but a dollar day for the employer, another number as the cattle, we excuse our own disturbances to the environment.  We wonder what happens if we are not able to survive such detriments of aging, illness and disease, and cures come and go, but we find our home in the grave, yet we hope and find peace asking secretly that you will be nothing like the person we were to others, and to our own lives we ask you to live healthy lives, happy existences  and secure positions that promise us safety, we conclude that others should be ignored as long they do not bother us, and we hope that we find the money daily to watch sports and listen to music that ease our pain, with a drink of wine, we are favored by the pleasure to lay down one more night in what we call capitalism and competition, yet my understanding that we are willing and ready to say it will not happen to us, the day, that an accident happens, environmental catastrophes, and suggestions of poverty to them and not us. Our own ignorance keeps us living in bliss that we are not harmed yet it is not our responsibility to save the world. It is only my hope that we will stop the violence, become experts in stewardship, generous givers, multiply blessings, and at the end of the day, we will not go to bed angry, give gifts to the creator, and sleep in complete and total true safety and peace, your love shower over our eyes, and when we rise, we are able to find compassion.


    Your Girlfriend, Keisha