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Keisha Merchant

Difficult People


    Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. (Psalm 119:105)


    Difficult People

    “By giving unconditional love…we become more loving, and by sharing spiritual growth we become more spiritual.” Basic Text, p. 99, (N.A.)

    “Lord, help me do right by those who are against me.  Keep me in your light that I may walk with you all the days of my life.” ~Your Girlfriend, Keisha

    Today’s chat is about finding the balance within self.  It is exploring the possibilities of your creator, the higher self journey to walk above others not below them.  It is to be perfect in speech, thought and actions when serving difficult people.  These are people who think their lives are to test others, hackle and make fun of those who are trying to separate themselves from falling into traps of corruption and discourse.  These are people who enjoy seeing others fall and hurt themselves.  They are always judging by making one feel snobby or a loner.  They have the hardest time accepting others for who they desire to be.  It is not in my right to speak who is better or who is worst, but the reality that walking below someone means to degrade them and torture them for being disrespectful.  It is living in a lifestyle that demeans a person’s character based on their flaws and weaknesses instead of building and empowering their value and worth.  It is evident that people do not choose to explore the higher self because it appears as weak and naïve.  It is down graded by those who speak ill on their efforts to control their temper, aggression and disposition against opposition. 

    I find that many find themselves lost to finding their center and balance in life by the environment they must keep.  Lot in the story of the Bible was different.  In his environment, he was the minority. He was not judgmental.  He did not have enemies.  He did not scorn the opposition for being the majority of culture.  This culture was the dominant race by means of sexuality. Though, I do not agree with the destruction of this culture.  I am using this story to show the character of the higher self in opposition when used.  It is effective, reliable and compliance of inner strength and mobility.  It is not a external wealth or prosperity, but it is a royal composition of love.

    Therefore, the story remains to demonstrate that the love balance is within the inner paradise of a person.  Some are farther in their journey to excellence of love, mercy and compassion, while others struggle, fumble and stagnate themselves in the pleasures of the abyss to destroy one’s eternity and intensity for ethics and values for life, others and personas.  I will end on this hope that we are able to find safe journey into our own evolution of ethics and esteem.  We will not fall in the hands of an angry God, and finally, we will touch others lives to build, motivate and empower toward gentle love and kindness eliminating poverty in our house, violence in our souls and death in our desires.

    Your Girlfriend, Keisha