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Keisha Merchant

The Way


    Someone asked me why does religion matters and what is the Jesus movement was called "The Way" most people confuse it as the way to God, but in my understanding it is not the way to God, all have access to God, but a marriage to God is different.  Religion is a way to God, but a marriage to God is through his Son.  (Perfect illustration Esther with the King's Eunuch during the purification that separated her from the girls, Esther did everything Hegai advised. Esther 2:15)


    Today I wanted to chat about Hegai the King’s eunuch.  I realize everyone is thinking why in the heck am I going to spend time on this little guy?  I could talk about all the great people in the world.  I could chat about all the great spiritual leaders, teachers, gurus and all the excellent religions that caused peace in the world, people obedient to that peace, but yet I am going to zoom in on this little guy Hegai.  Sometimes we miss the small things in life to understand the great opportunities given to us by our talents, gifts and all expertise used through our innovators.  It is not that religion is the way of God, the people authorized to teach the holiness, but the understanding by it.  Proverbs 2:2 Incline your ear to wisdom, and apply your heart to understanding;

    I find that I watch reality shows because it is the path that I enjoy watching. “The Way” if you will that I watch people in these entertainment mediums for pleasure compete for the prize.  As Paul speaks about this race, spiritually in Romans, we find that we are caught in the greatest race in life: redemption and of course exemption from death.  It is almost as we are trying to apply for the greatest job and the employer we never seen, but his servants who are head of his assets are the contact people.  I find it within my own hope that this employer that we call in unison God, the Spirit of all Spirits, Being of all Beings, Supremacy of all Supremacies, I never met face to face, can bring authority to all men by the choice of his own pleasure. 

    Back to my illustration, these dating games, sports competitions always signify that there is only one winner at the end of the game.  Why is that?  Very few episodes are there a tie.  In our political system we have duplicated this system, defense system, and the list goes on, why is it that we are consumed to understand that there only can be one winner?  We are faced with this same dilemma in our religious sector that religious wars are brutally made and bodies sacrificed to death for the only one way route we have claimed over the years that there can only be one winner.  I find that in my own understanding that in our employment and labor system we fight over jobs working hard to assimilate ourselves to be the “one” and at the end of the day, we must rededicate ourselves to keep up with the competition.  It is a life time battle that we are conquering the oppression that we may fail or fall behind our daily bread, security and safety.

    Now what does this have to do with Hegai, in Esther?  He was the one, in the race that created a secret passage to the King’s heart.  He knew more about the King then the women falling for the King’s heart.  Sometimes mothers are the way to the man’s heart other times it is the woman who can feed him well, and vice versa to a woman.  Sometimes her father is the secret passage to her heart and other times it is the way a man can provide for her.  In all sense, individuals have a private understanding on who they are, where they want to go in life and who is allowed to know all of those visions.  It is within this chat, I am taking the time to give my own personal understandings on the “The Way.”  I was very touched by Oprah’s public viewing in our current age, we want everyone to be approved by God, and to say there is only one way, grieves our heart for those who cannot understand what does it mean to follow “The Way” into what most people security, safety, life after death, or transformation and exemption from death very bold statements.  It is a world that is filled with decay, disease, aging and trouble that we do not know as experts of all generations work so tirelessly to find the “answers” to men greatest trouble, our last and appointed day.  I find that in my own hope and understanding Hegai was not concern about the women but Esther he found favor, and why is that?  It is not that Esther was better for the King, or that suggested that Esther was the greatest, but what was in Esther that Hegai was willing to share the secrets that would make her approved by the King.  Now we must examine the possibilities that Hegai was chosen.

    First, he was chosen because he was the King’s chosen caretaker of Vashti and all the wives that he had chosen before Vashti, and concubines, and so forth.  In his years of duty, Hegai was able to know the King on intimate levels for he was the only eunuch that was trusted to care for the inner court assets, which remember I do not agree calling women property because this was a practice that I am glad is done away, women as property, so back to the chat, I find that Hegai would be suited to be the expert for this job as picking who he would find favor to give tips, advice greater than all the other women.

    Now here’s the question, why didn’t Hegai choose all the women equally to give secrets of the King’s preferences, so they all could be conformed, and transformed into what would possibly landed them the entire job.  In our society we ask this question in our “bias, discrimination and competitive world,” why some must get wealth and other get poverty.  As though some can work and others are left without work.  It is within this provision that some families go without and some families have too much.  It is within my hope that this “Way” will pass away, and be eliminated as we develop in our ethics, but for now, it is about how people view the spiritual conception that God would choose one person to be in charge of humanity.  What is the difference in religion division and religion strife even within the Christian faith that keeps us bound to stumble with the cornerstone of eternal life or my sci-fi lovers, the immortality age.

    I find that this is a mystery even the angels wonder why God chose humanity to redeem and love. John 3:16, For God so loved the world, that he gave his only blood son.  Now here is the deep understanding of my own study and journey in spirituality, scriptures and examining truth through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that gives me comfort.  I find that Hegai was this person that found favor and he passed his favor to Esther, and so Esther was blessed with approval and became queen.  On the other hand, in this opportunity, all the women became concubines because the King was so blessed with Esther re decided to keep her whole company and no one went home that day. 

    So in the end, for all those that say some will be lost, and the scriptures say because of freedom some choose to ignore the precious “vision” of salvation through Christ this is not a law or legal demand that is enforced, but an opportunity for all to come as they are.  Isaiah 55:5 Therefore, we are exempt from our death though we may die daily, the promise of everlasting life lives within us through the “Way” of Christ that signifies a favor that is granted to us through that visionary.  Some innovators can understand this concept because they invent things and give opportunities that could not happen without their innovative mind, but on the larger scale this is the understanding that I have adopted to my own life to give me comfort.  As Esther, she was just drafted to be a wife to the king.  She did not like all the other women know if her “game” was enough.  She did not know that her future would be as a queen.  Her uncle ignored the fact that Hegai was her agent, advisor and his qualifications made it a warranty that she would be chosen, but Mordecai gave the glory to God that he chose Esther to save a nation.  Now it is stipulated that these practices are lessons, but all illustrations that I use are symbols and literal sense is too far fetch for me to prove as a fact of a historical value of its existence, but as my own past, I understand how the past can be used as a teacher.  Even stories and parables can be used as teachers.  Now back to the creative suggestion that religion war is not necessary for people to be free.

    Christians should not be persecuted, and finally, people should not be violently forced into ethic evolution of their own self, but that love conquers all.  In the beginning of this chat I mentioned the marriage.  It is within the dance of matrimony we learn that marriage is not the same as relationships.  Professional relationships are different from academic relationships, and so forth.  We have so many relationships that each and every relationship it is personal and so real, but it is ultimately a difference in all these relationships compared to the status of marriage in this current age.  We wrestle with new hot topics of who should have the opportunity to be married, and who deserves to be married, but as we are noticing, our “traditions” are passing away very quickly.  Our age today is becoming so meshed that our heads and tails are becoming one.  Our separation line of least to greatest and greatest to least have changed that no one knows who the expert is and who is the weakest.  It is the season of harvest that we all are cultured into a melting pot generation that culture and society is spotted and all have tasted liberty.

    The fulfillment of scriptures will be of the pass, and the new chapters of the new law of love, grace and mercy will be our sunsets and sunrises, but it is in that moment, even a twinkling of the eye that all will understand the conviction of the Son of God.  Our understanding will not be bias and discrimination will be called a thing of the past.  It is within my last section of this chat that I use Hegai to summarize this passing thought that Jesus is the way, truth and life does mean that a marriage to God is an inner fellowship that is different from just a relationship with God, but who gives Christ the authority to be the Healer.  For Jesus said I am not the Judge, the one that judges you is you, for at the end, your own tongue will condemn you not I.  It is funny that we miss that simple little verse that we fail to realize that it is God who is the healer, but it is our own self that will ultimately judge whether or not we live or die.

    In the past, God’s law was the Judge, but in that perfect Justice he found no one could live, not one.  In that love, he sent his son to share the good news that he has demonstrated his love through the law by sentencing us with forgiveness through his Son if we believed his report about eternal life.  It was in the Garden of Eden this story began and it ended in the report that Jesus Christ who was rejected and killed.  Therefore, ascended and lived taking his body to prove that the law has been removed.  Now whoever believes in that report has been given the opportunity to be advised and receive resources from that authority?  It is within that government of the ascension that God saved his Son from death to prove that God will forgive all from death according to his or her own faith that judges them at death. 

    Now, Hegai advised Esther and it was up to her to believe that advice and follow it, but Hegai was not the only way.  But, he was a very good way to follow, don’t you agree?  So, here’s the complication that we all must face daily when we have a fork in the road, that there is many ways to God, but as a spiritual athlete, choose wisely.  Your Girlfriend,  Keisha