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Keisha Merchant

Ghosts, Where?


    Ghosts By Hum Bug

    What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? 1Corinthians 6: 19

    Who is the Holy Spirit?  What is the Spirit about in the life of a believer of Christ?  It is the Spirit that brought Jesus Christ to life after his death at Calvary.  It is within my hope in this chat that we focus on who is living within us.  What is the inner life we have in Christ?  I find that in today‚Äôs society we are met with opposition and challenges that trouble makes us torn with anxiety, fear and desperations that keep us stumbling.

    But in the meantime, there is something going on from within those doctors cannot explain.  The science of culture and society cannot grasp the understanding of the process of the inner man, the immortal man that is born within as a baby cradling his mother.  As a student of Christ I have spent my whole life time studying the word of God, in hope and love expecting immortality in this body of decay.  It is an honor to be a visionary because within this lifetime students of Christ experience a life in the spirit. 

    What is the life of the spirit?  It is the Spirit that awakened Christ from the graves, and this Spirit has been given to the believer.  Greater is he that is in you then the one who is in the world.  What does that mean?  Sometimes we spend our lives just focus on talents, skills, passions, pleasures and duties of society and culture.  We exploit our environment, natural resources and populations to labor, production and finally we find ourselves in decay and detriments.  In the end, we cannot understand as a material society.  What is the difference between faith and life; this is why we struggle with the inner life of our own souls?

    We struggle with the existence of the Holy Ghost that lives within us.  In the fables of history, cultures have believed in ghosts, spirits, and beings that compromise society with integrity.  It is within this session of chat we discuss the ghosts of the supernatural.  What does this mean by the legions that we so often find entertaining in the thriller movies?  We sit and engage in the theatres on vampires, horror and drama of death, killing and derangement of the supernatural with the natural.

    Sometimes, we find ourselves entertain by the fact that spirits dwell in us.  Now let us build on this idea that as a host to organisms we accept that our bodies can be a home for virus, disease and small micro organisms that feed on us like parasites, but the idea that spirits can do similar feats become a figment of our imagination.  The culture of our age has been bombarded by cancer and Aids.  It is within these components of disease we wonder what in the world have our bodies become.  We are hit left to right; all communities have been impacted by disease, decay and death.  It appears the goals of the athlete to be an Olympian is just a fallacy that cannot be shaken.  In this same illustration immortality has become a generation science fiction comic episode that use to be of the ancient a phase in life and now it has become a fake hype of life.  In the natural world the understanding of Ghosts has become a principle diminished to a symbol of character and attributes.

    As we continue this journey of life and the immortality we have found our media culture shaping our minds that our faith is nothing more than a heresy of fiction and fictional artistry that keeps us motivated to finish this life with a bang.  But, in the secrecy and mystical opportunity of the believer we change our description to immortality to life after death as a spirit instead a life after life in an awakened soul.

    So I end with this what is life with the Holy Ghost?  It is a life with the Spirit that awakened Christ, and in that understanding, that same spirit that has been given to the believer is promised to be awakened at the end of their life like a sleeping beauty awakened by her prince, this same Spirit will awakened her child and join them with her beloved Son into a new chapter of life everlasting with her Son, to live on earth and beyond to eternity. Safe Journeys my friend, Your Girlfriend, Keisha

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    Deleted Member KEISHA:

    Your perspective on your journey and your enthusiasm for your soul is encouraging especially your reminder to us all that the spiritual life is the "opportunity of the believer" to meet the GREAT SPIRIT.

    Mother Nanhi of the Spirit People
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