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Keisha Merchant



    a starter to a novella, enjoy!



    Jewel of the sea, daughter of the sea

    In the dedication to my girlfriend, Kita, love you!

    "Forgive them for they know not what they do, but save the victims, my Lord

    Breathe immortality in their veins.  Show the little ones that they have power in their weakness make them strong.  Give them eternal life, the light of the world through your son."  Stop the violence Lord, destroy the desire of death and empty out the stomach of the grave.  Begin your rule today.  Amen.


    In the depth of the hearts of the sea, a girl was travelled from the small town of Akepot.  This young girl was missing for more than fifteen years.  The water cuddled her as she was chosen to live and never die.  Her immortality had arrived.  As a baby girl, her mother Jesse would sing Jesus love you this I know for the bible tells you so.  She would cradle her daughter as a precious jewel.  She found herself shocked that her daughter would not come home one day.  Momma girl was missing from school, and no one found her body.  Jesse cried to God, asking him to save his baby girl.  She had given her child over to Jesus, and in Jesus hands she trusted in his commands that he would protect her and keep her safe.  In this precious moment not knowing the future, Jesse kissed her baby girl one last time, as Moses, she would send her baby girl Cordella into the hands of God.  Jesse would not know the plans of God were a rude awakening after three years later.

    In the bottom of the sea, Cordella was cradled like a babe.  Her eyes awakened, she breathed a new breath.  She was the child of the sea, and now her body had become one.  The transformation was made through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  She was never found because she was lost in the tides that carried her to that special place where no man could travel.  She fell asleep while God operated at the table of her heart, that last beat.  She cried her last cry.  She thought of her mother Jesse, as a child, and mourns her mother’s absence.  It took courage of baby girl’s life that Cordella would no longer be completely human, but with the body of a girl, her body would transform into a fish with special powers that allowed her to protect the sea.  Cordella crossed over from life to life, and immortality had arrived.

    As a toddler, her mother became the quickening Spirit, God, quickened her small body.  In his love, he found a way, truth and life for her limp soul.  She was nothing but a helpless child, and God turned her into a mighty warrior, by one word, he spoke to her in her ears.  He said, Get up.  In the waters, she opened her eyes, and remembered her mother Jesse.  She started to swim to the surface, but could not get far.  Her arms were not developed enough because she was still just a toddler.  Her legs could not carry her, so she had to be still in the pit for sixteen years, and finally, she grew strong enough to make the journey..