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Keisha Merchant

Coming Out the Closet, Gay Marriages


    Coming Out the Closet

                    Today’s chat is about a personal reflection after a peer asked me a question.  Keisha, are you for gay marriages?  Now here is my answer, publically this is a reflection for my thoughts today.  I am for gay marriages.  For those who wants to know why when I am a born again Christian.  The Jewish tradition was acknowledged through the years of Moses and Jesus.  Jesus stated to the Canaanite woman that her faith made her whole when she reminded Jesus that salvation was for the Jews, but the dogs eat from under the table which meant, salvation “crumbs,” are given to the gentles if they are allowed under the Jews.  It was a radical statement when Jesus accepted her faith.  It was beyond the social norm in her day.  It is a multi-cultural and bio diverse world that we live in, and the ideology of Christianity, “The Way,” was about inclusion.  It was expanding the horizons to the teachings.  Many of the disciples that were not of the twelve was troubled by the “hard teachings,” because Jesus was not partial to any person.  He was not able to favor one over the other.  He was there to bring all under one God.  This creator, God that Jesus called father, was the author of Jesus faith, and in the end, the adoption into salvation, immortal life was for the Jews, but some did not believe.

                    The Gentiles did not have the same traditions as the Jews.  They did not follow Moses nor did they follow the practice of the Jews.  It was two governments under the authority of Caesar that Jesus had to say, pay what is Caesar and pay what is God to demonstrate the two governments.  It was evident that the two governments came into play again in the book of 2Kings that Elijah was tested by two governments.  It was evident that the government of God took him in fiery chariots.  It was necessary for Elijah to be taken up to heaven in a wonder to demonstrate two events that truly happened.  The government of Baal and the government of God was two different governments.  As a student of Christ, I have learned the two governments for the purpose of the laws of gravity, was the government of life and government of death.  It was a government of love and the government of no love at all.  These two systems have played major roles in the environment we live in.  So, what does this have to do with Gay marriages?  Marriage was a Jewish tradition given to the Jews.  It was a ceremony that bound a man with a woman for the sake of partnership, financial ownership and land ownership.  Women were classified as land ownership at the time.  We have truly transformed and transcended over the years through the progression in immortality and salvation to understand that the law is passed away.  The government of Christ is that we all live under one marriage, under God forever, so therefore, spiritually speaking and physically the government that binds a couple together do so with the authority of Love in Christ that bares a witness that all are one flesh and one bone. 

                    Therefore, it is an expansion of faith that makes us whole to believe in gay marriage, interracial marriage and so forth.  It is not that we cast stones at God, but that we walk away in a new understanding that we acknowledge God in all things, and in that crumbs are given to us all.  Salvation is not just for the Jews.  It is for us all to share and abide in faith that makes us all whole.  Safe Journeys my friends, your girlfriend, Keisha

    Disclaimer:  Those who want scripture, do your own study, and show yourself approved by God.  I’ve done mine, and the evidence is in all of the scriptures, take one verse at a time. 

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    Deleted Member AND WE NEED You too. You speak for many who are too afraid or too tired to speak. Thank YOU.
    October 13, 2010 - delete
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    Deleted Member Keisha: Once again you have me in tears over your compassion and your GIFT of expressing the Complex with simplicity and significance that exposes the COMMON SENSE of THE SPIRIT OF THE LAW. Love, Mother Nanhi.
    October 13, 2010 - delete
  • Keisha Merchant
    Keisha Merchant thank you sis! so much! i needed that...:)
    October 13, 2010