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Keisha Merchant

The Violent Peacemakers and The Prisoner's Life


    Keisha, how do you feel about the prison system?


     I feel the criminal system is still in the dark ages and cave man days.  It as ran rapid with money, and the police officers that protect the weak and innocent die, like God’s true prophets, and the ones that corrupt the system lives another day.  But, I feel that life is not always an escape goat for success and the strong.  People believe the strongest will survive, but at the end of the day, the reality we all still face is the appointed death that is still questionable about what happens when we die.  Prison life is not crime and corruption because we have corporations that are protected by the law to enslave and escape from paying for people’s health care or success.  We have teachers who have the legal system to protect them from children not learning In their class. As though it is okay to fail a child or student and we deem that worthy as a system to protect.  I have a list, so what is a criminal system that will not allow their inmates to study to show themselves approved by God.  They are not allowed to have in house peer classes to learn as a student.  They are not allowed to be medicated for chemical imbalances.  They are not given holistic approaches to their society.  In the sense, their society is put on hold.  It is evident that we have societies, and prison life is a society and an environment.  Now does that mean this environment and society should be exempt from some form of study and discipline even if it is baby steps.


    The library is a step in the right direction and the chapel is needed.  It is still under developed as a society because it never fails that the prison system trust them enough to allow them to leave the system but they do not trust them enough to rehabilitate them with good doctors, therapists, counselors, holistic teachers, and so forth, they do not allow them education like stress management, time management, anxiety management, and so forth.  They do not try to find medicine to heal their wounds, and pain killers to keep them at rest.  They do not teach them how to manage their thought life from a negative program into developing a positive program.  It is evident that they claim they do not have the money to rehabilitate the inmates, but they have enough money to house them and let them back into the society that has locked the doors to opportunity.  In Maslow’s hierarchy and Carl Jung, they both teach that most people run on response to external and internal resources, therefore, if a system cannot invest in a person’s internal and external life meaning education, training, therapy, health care, and equal distribution of resources and support structures to eliminate the alone factor that even God said, it is not good for man to be alone.  It is obvious that any system will fail that cannot supply those needs.


    People fail not because they have free will.  They fail because the environment is underdeveloped.  It is evident that the cause of people’s lives downward spiraling has nothing to do with free will because in the case of a natural habitat environment, studies of the forestry management proves that case to be false.  Trees have free will.  Weeds have free will, and plants have this free will that we all have.  Same goes every environment to least as microscopic organisms to the greatest organisms on this planet, lions, whales, sharks, people, and other predators, they all find themselves with free will, and if the environment act up, free will is taken from them, so what happens?  The environment becomes their master, and still do they have free will?  So, I have argued with free will and determinism that people usually argue in philosophy because the case is that a disturbed environment free will is absent because it becomes a Maslow’s hierarchy and Carl Jung, response and vulnerable to the outcome of that environment, free will become just a notion that accepts the conditions to its detriment over time without the resources to “buy” free will.

    Now finally, it is in within my hope that the calculations to this poverty in mentality, emotional stability and justified crime, we are left to should education become a podium for change.  It should be evidence that without a holistic approach in education in every system as a work load of training the mind, heart and body, we are left to dysfunctional and unhealthy lives.  Police officers are not trained enough; the education for diversity is ignored as though people are cookie cutter ingredients that they can force into a slave mentality.  It is passing away, and the denial to keep forcing people in a slave environment will only bring nations down to ashes because people will respond to environment disturbances as Carl Jung and Maslow’s hierarchy suggest, and as many cases proven to organisms mutating due to environment disturbances proves that systems that do not function under the laws of study and healing do not have a future or a promise of better tomorrows.  It is not the criminals that need to examined, but the systems that disturbs the environment.

    Violence is stemmed by war, domestic violence, abuse and neglect.  Theft is stemmed by corporation greed and globalization gluttony that leave some outside starving and others fully fed.  Destruction of misconduct and malicious acts is stemmed from lack of education, training, therapy and holistic approach to healing to mass populations.  And instead only a few can ride the narrow path into life and life everlasting due to the cream of the crop structures and laws that support that ideology and preference. This is the family tree of what we claim disease rampage, violent outbursts and high mortality rates among the masses because the “disturbance” of our environment is mastered by the notion that some people are valuable and some people are not, so capitalism is suppose to sort through them all?  No it is back firing, and so far, the grave yard is a bottomless pit that need to starve by changing our fate and start with changing our programs beginning with capitalism, mass production, and systematic criminalization of deviation.

                    Sometimes, we have to stop what is familiar and go the opposite way just to go down a different result, and trust that the different path is better than the pitfall that was so familiar and norm.

  • NCO, Father  Carl
    NCO, Father Carl I would say that our prison system is a big failure, It does not teach anything other then hardships, I agree with Mark Noeth the tax payers should not have to pay for the prision rehabilitation system that does not work! 125 years ago these things were s...  more
    October 18, 2010
  • Keisha Merchant
    Keisha Merchant thank you brothers for visiting me and your response is appreciated...as you know we do have different perspectives, but thank you for coming by and participating in a discussion about our prison system...
    October 18, 2010
  • Mark Noeth O.D.H., Esoteric Theorist and Practioner
    Mark Noeth O.D.H., Esoteric Theorist and Practioner First off, very well written piece. I don't share all your views. I believe prisons should be for punishing people that broke societies laws. I don't think tax payers should have to rehabilitate these people. Every action causes an equal or greater reacti...  more
    October 18, 2010