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Keisha Merchant

The Resurrected Life 101


    Keisha, what is the resurrected life?  In the beginning God created man and woman, female and male.  In this sense, I have learned through biology that Kingdoms, Phyllam, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species, have been organisms that we can see with the naked eye and those we cannot see with the naked eye that has the same behaviors, attitudes, lifestyles, civilizations and structures as in the likeness of God, which some of us do not believe in, but we have species that we are aware of and species we are not are of, and so forth as kingdoms, phyllam, class, order and families, that we cannot all know in one breath.  It is evident that even in our own population we cannot be aware of all biology, bio diversity of all organisms in all levels of life. 

    Which brings me to the subject of resurrected life; it is within this framework I will challenge the notion of death, eternal life with and without God. What are the facts first?  The fact is that based on our under developed system and educational system we do not know God.  A matter of fact, we spend at least 80 hours a week knowing life as a singular story.  It is a multi-faceted story.  Though, we ignore the story of Jesus, it is evident nonetheless the story of Jesus is like the stories of our historical monuments of presidents and leaders around the world.  We have a sense that the story of Jesus is possibility that life beyond our awareness was interacting with humanity.  It is a assumption to examine Jesus life as an extra terrestrial life due to the claims of being in the presence of God in space, heaven.  It is obvious that due to our singular story, the comprehension level was low, of understanding that when Jesus claimed to have life in heaven, in the form of another species, we ignored that he may have been a visitor from another existence, organism.  It frightens us to believe the story of Jesus on that level due to the heresy that he was all human and all human could not be a embodiment of outside species, or species of the unknown.  In this case, the word of God was hidden into mysteries and coded for the sake of confusion and disarray.  Not that people were not enlightened, or eyes were opened for those who had a pure heart that they should understand the message of Jesus.

    It is within this right that students of Christ believe in eternal life in that understanding with the Christ figure that came in the name of Jesus.  It is still a mystery whether or not Jesus was all human and all God species of divine and omnipresent.  What does that mean?  What happened to the birth process of his existence of divine and human?  I’ve said this before that multi-culturalism is the illustration of mix race.  You can be all of many cultures to explain such a deep calculation that Jesus could have possibly been the King of the Jews and the Prince of Peace of the Universe.  It is said, that most of his students was able to see him transform into the Prince of Peace of the Universe as he ascended into heave in his human form like.  It was not evident that people ascended in the like manner in historical cases but Elijah and Enoch because they walked with God.  What does walk with God mean?  In the spirit, according to the scriptures as Students of Christ, we learn in somewhat manner that walking in the spirit is Love, therefore walking with God is a pure of heart.  Therefore to walk with God most of your life there must be a pure of heart, and since the heart is deceitful who can trust it when its craving is for pleasure and desire, we are bounded by the law.  But, some have a gift of purity that is given without birth genetics and deed.  It is called a gift from God.  Why does God show some compassion and not others?  It is a season factor of what God does according to the seasons of his divine elections of creation and diversity.  What does that mean?  In the mercy seat of compassion, God determines the order of compassion, therefore some must be patient for their time and season to be shown compassion, but all are given compassion in the order of God’s mercy judgment.  It is within this hope that the resurrection of the dead means the compassion seat of God is moved to call those out of the grave.  Now this may sound ridiculous to those who are separated but equal.  It is within my spirit to give some glimpse of hope that I have from studying the process of the resurrection life in Christ.  It is according to the life of Christ that was examined and foreshadowed that a man would come to take humanity to the next chapter.  What is that next chapter?  The next chapter is life beyond life.  I am examining the pieces to the puzzle that in his claim that Jesus was recorded of announcing the actualization of heaven and earth passing, but what is heaven from the beginning?  It was a government and a system that created laws and sentencing prison life for those that fought those laws.  It was a systematic procedure that created death to those that was misguided and those who could not fall in line with its belief structure.  It was a violence that silenced those that did not believe.  It was a slavery that ended in death and judgment.  Therefore, we had no one to intercede on our behalf to claim mercy.  A mercy seat was not invented.  Who would invent a mercy seat?  This is called grace in the heavenly realms.

    Let me elaborate as a example to what is biological factor to making this simple and concrete for our minds to wrap around.  Microscopic animals do exist.  They are animals like us, or should I say mammals.  They feed, live, abide in laws of their own, and find a process of a life cycle that we are now finally getting a break through of what is disease and death to our bodies in a natural process of aging and decay.  It is finally a breakthrough due to “microscopes,” giving us the “eye” to see the unseen, which are the invaders of our bodies.  These animals feed, grow, have children, multiply, rule and govern or should I say, subdue our bodies as a feeding grounds until we are stripped of all resources.  Hmmm, sound similar to what we do to earth?  Then there are the “microscopic” mammals, animals, that have a good relationship with us, mutual relationship with us by providing nutrients, cleansing and protect our bodies from invasions to parasitic warfare, sound crazy huh?  Ten years ago, this would be absurd due to under developed systems without the technology to prove this, so therefore, we have Jesus, heaven, and the notions of resurrected life in the body and in the spirit.  It is in the “unseen” that our naked eyes cannot see past the natural self, but the spiritual self sees as though the sub consciousness of our conscious mind collects information that is unseen, Carl Jung claimed that our dream state minds are working all the time.  It is not evident to our conscious mind of all the automatic relationships our subconscious mind interacts, so therefore, what happens when the conscious mind meets the subconscious mind in our own existence in our own lifetime?

    This is the totality of self, wholeness, and some people call holiness to be completed and finished of mind, heart, and soul to awareness and quickened of the body.  This is way too deep, but to keep it simple, Jesus claimed that he hold the keys to life and eternal life, what does it mean that anti christs, teachers and so forth would come claiming the same notion, and deceive many to harden their hearts of location for migration to the eternal life of resurrected life in the Son.  It appears that without understanding and the spirit, many cannot “see” the life of organisms beyond self.  It takes technology to see beyond life existences that we are familiar with, and so one day, the veil will come off, and the technology will pick up all existences that the naked eye missed, but the subconscious eye knew all along, but sealed up to protect the heart and mind of those who are afraid.  It is mercy that gives us bliss in ignorance.  I sure hope that in this study of the resurrected life, we understand the resurrected life does not mean a life outside of the body, but a life inside the body after death.  Though we cannot see the transformation in the naked eye, one day, the technology will give us “microscopic” evidence to zoom in on the unseen, and at the moment, those will wail and mourn, because they will see what they could not see.  The resurrected life is a life unseen to the naked eye because the manifestations are sophisticated and beyond the norm.  It is not small, but manifestations manipulated due to the sophistication of its existence to appear and not appear, transportation and mind elevation is developed to degrees beyond technology.  Now how does this happen, how is it taught?  I would question that training of the subconscious mind, since we are collecting information beyond our years, and so forth, it is evidence that some have known this due to the advancement of technology and what we have so experienced in the last decade the rich knowledge of tapping into the subconscious mind by a small percentage, so the future can only develop greater percentages of the subconscious mind exploited with the conscious mind.

    Now that comes with greater responsibilities and challenges, but that season must come because it is part of our soul’s revolutionary process and development of mortality into immortality and corruption into incorruption.  It is not that a twinkling of an eye, an overnight success story, but a slow process moving toward an eternal life with God.  The resurrection life through the Son of God is that invented mercy seat that punishment would become rehabilitation, and grace would become the law.  Revelations 1: 5 Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler over the kings of the earth.  To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood, And has made us kings and priests to His God and Father, to Him is glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.  The Gideon’s translation.

    This is a pretty bold statement to be just human. The resurrected life is an adoption into this new kingdom, government, and in this thought process it is the athleticism that is given to the recruited who has been drafted sometimes, selected, hand picked and other times family initiated, but it is a citizenship of a new breed that demonstrates an age beyond technology and magic.  Now in this discussion, the resurrected life is a transformation life that once unfit to developing into a fit life under grace and mercy, compassion and love.  A technology, social system and government beyond the species of humanity may mean all humanity and all adopted as well as entertaining angels, species beyond what we understand.  Now let us not focus on such a extraterrestrial notion of NASA’s missions, but let us be aware that species are among us, through us and in us, that we must understand and develop an relationship that is rightful and just and even healthy to continue on this life of the “resurrected life in the universe under the government of Jesus Christ and the 500 that saw him ascended.”   Well as you know, I am just a student in the disciplines of Christ, it is so much learning that I too am still developing my own faith, but this is where I am at the moment of the concepts of the resurrected life of salvation in a nutshell…”if you believe and live in me, you shall never die, do you believe this mary?”...Jesus

    “I believe in the resurrection day.” ~ Mary, sister of Lazarus and Martha, “But I am the resurrection day, and I give all those a resurrection if they hear me when I call them to awaken.” ~Jesus (John 11, translation and commentary, Keisha Merchant 2010) Pretty bold huh? Well, it is about that time that studying leads us into a degree of religion and divinity expertise, so what can I say, some of us knew this would happen when people become translators of languages, this is a language that I have translated over years of study into a modern language to understand with clarity.  I know, I know, I will get attack by those who do not agree.  It is okay, Rome was not built in one day…J or the earth, neither will we…