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Keisha Merchant

What Body Resurrected?

  • Today’s sermon is about the resurrection of the first born in the human race.  What does this mean to be the first born to be raise the from the dead.  According to the scripture people longed to understand how their lifescan regenerate from the aging process of their lives from growing from a baby into an aged man or woman.  They found themselves spending their whole lives afraid of death.  They could not explain what happened after they died.  When the story of Jesus Christ came on the scene, people realized that his understanding about the universe, God, the creator, and the ability to live after what they perceived and understood as death was a great miracle.  They were called heretics because they wanted to believe that this man Jesus Christ held the secrets to the process of changing a man or woman’s fate.  The problem is that people who were skeptics persecuted the believers of Jesus Christ because they wanted them to stop spreading their beliefs and getting their children caught in a fairy tale they called it.  They were convinced that they would lose their children to death if they believed that eternal life was real. This made it very hard for the Judaism faith to exist when Jesus Christ had made himself known as the Son of God.  It was always a tradition for people to think they were the Messiah, but this was the first one that lived their life fulfilling the prophecy of the old ancient elders of the one who would die on the cross that acknowledged himself as the Son of God and then rise up and be seen by many. 


    Sometimes, people want to argue what is the point of  having a faith in a Messiah that came, died and rose again yet never came back to be a witness for many generations as though it is still a big secret or someone’s else imagination that they were believing in a figment of someone’s imagination.  As we have seen our 21st century that people are able to bring to pass their dreams of discovery, careers and wealth.  We have seen people receive liberation from slavery, overcome challenges of abuse, neglect and abandonment.  This has proven to be the greatest miracle for a person to claim to be the Son of God and have a following over 2,000 years that believed in his belief system that the after life was real, and they would participate in that after life if they believed in him.  Of course, these are accounts of those who have lived their lives, died and buried in the grave, yet still today, people claim they have seen angels in the images of humans, so what is the story now?


    Before the 21st century, people would say they were guided by the light, before then they would be guided by doves, animals, trees, and other natural existed experiences, but now people claim their minds have witness people coming through as angels to guide them as though life were beyond their daily existence and understanding.  The actual accounts of different belief structures that the scriptures are created to inspire people to believe in God is the account that we have left to say that God is real, life after death is real, and we have the right to be citizens of infinity.  It is then we must confess the possibility of what happens when we are not approved and become citizens of the immortal and eternal life.  What if our names are not written in the book of life?  As some would say, our names are not recorded in the citizenship of the government of God in life eternally through his Son.  What happens if we are dismissed?  Sometimes people have gathered their own beliefs that their lives would go on to their death, and that is it.  They would not return, and they would not worry about life after death.


    As though they were peaceful in their death, and their lives would hold no account to their lifestyles, but in the process of God, who can truly understand what goes beyond the natural and physical world.  It is apparent all we have is the figment of our imagination to explain our lives in Christ.  Truly we are swept up by love with the eyes set on a belief that our dreams will come true, and the believers will become citizens of the household of God, the infinity that was taken from us in the beginning.  The opportunity to see our bodies transform into something greater then our death, now that is the amazing miracle of a belief system materialize into the existence, the human existence.  I suppose in the end, we would know who we are at the point of death because our eyes will see and our bodies will transform into the citizens of our government in the after life.  We would have our homes, estates, and identification card ready to be stamp, as though we would enter a new residency.  We will know who we are in Christ, but today in this life, our lives are hidden in Christ until the time is ripe, and our appointment to change come, we will transform, manifest the true identity of who we become after death.  Some of us will be promoted into careers of messengers of the Living God and some of use will become daughters and sons, and others will become fallen like angels that missed the plans of God.  But still we must come to understand each of us will be appointed to a place in the eternal promises of our purpose, manifestations of who we should become.  We are definitely first born of the after life.  Time will tell who we are in Christ.

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