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Keisha Merchant

Somalia Children: What are we going to do?


    “The United Nations has said previously that tens of thousands of people have died in the drought, the worst in Somalia in 60 years. The U.N. says 640,000 Somali children are acutely malnourished; a statistic that suggests the death toll of small children will rise.” US: 29,000 Somali Children Died Under the Age of Five in Famine,  By JASON STRAZIUSO, 2011

    Today’s discussion is what are we going to do?  In this age, our society has run out of control.  Our ability to govern is gone.  The reason why I have said this many times is because our focus is budget. I have understood the Christianity principle of the true fast in Isaiah 55 and 58.  Yet, our secular government continues to ignore the principles of the Spirit.  It is evident as the days of Noah; our society’s economy demonstrates the reality of prophecy is real.  Our hopes and dreams for a utopia life starts with how much is the bible speaking to our current position in our global affairs of market and prestige.  It is evident that the global outreach for children and individuals has not found its break through in saving a child’s life and for that matter restorative justice for the individual. 

    It begins in ancient times of the beginning of our creation as humanity. It is in our scientific theory that states man and female was accidently created through a big bang theory that produced a perfect environment to grow organisms that over time became complex, diverse and association with the universe’s atmospheres of geological evolution as well as natural selection of mammalian structures of life in development and evolution.  It is not my own discussion to expand this theory, but to focus on the theories of creationism and God. It is within this discussion, we will chat about the reason for the deaths of these children.  Some experts would blame God, and humanity’s lack of responsibility to save lives, but it is demonstrated in the scriptures that all errors of humanity is fixable.  The errors of humanity are not permanent and can be fixed by the correction of their ways.  What does this mean?  It means that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.   They created humanity and all living organisms that our secular systems call species.

    Now where do we begin with the Somalia children?  As though, she could not protect her children from premature death and famine.  What possibility do we have to examine such defects in our systems to utilize the concepts of social responsibility and the agenda of the secular approach to famine?  In the scope of the scriptures, the first principles to this notion are the development of infrastructure to resources.  Our ability and talents to spread and distribute channels of resources as to water, food, health care and wellness recommendations seem to hit and miss areas.  How could this be since it appears that our media and journalist have proven that areas and territories are simple to evaluate, research and gather information daily.  Therefore how it is that government, businesses and individuals are not able to restore communities and their children back to health, wholeness and security?  These questions have been the greatest mysteries that no one has been able to resolve.  Now that seem to be odd, don’t you think?  How can mathematicians, physicians, surgeons, rocket scientists, biologists, journalists, and educators all find theories and concepts, philosophies and practices around the fundamental question why must we die, decay and starve to death?

                This discussion is not a gloomy discussion because the solution is very simple, but the harvesters must work hard, as to Noah with the ark, we must build.  Our infrastructures are not as ant mounds or pyramids, but our socialization had decrease our chances to be productive as a global network to save children and individuals from premature deaths as to starvation, malnutrition and degradation.  This discussion is to begin the journey as to the journalist to report what solutions we can use to begin the work to build the “Ark for social responsibility to our global communities.”  Where do we start?  Let us begin with the greatest struggle and challenge, the regulation and delegation of the ten percent and one percent aristocratic society that propels on their wealth, and their wealth has demonstrated that it cannot keep themselves or people from starvation, malnutrition and decay but research has proven to be an asset to discovering resolutions to our road blocks and barriers to health and the blue prints to the access into wealth distribution for resources to all populations.

                I will leave with this word that our age, the 21st century has the greatest opportunity to change the mortality rates of children premature deaths, individual unemployment and health disparities.  The process of exchanging wealth for paradise for all global communities and elitism membership for global restoration for all communities will begin with the Noah’s Ark model that our infrastructure must include the ingredients and recipes of excellence, success and sustainability for all populations.  Population control is not the answer of the present, or was it the answer for the past and it is definitely not the answer for our future.  Restorative Justice for Somalia children is to creative healthy meals for their lives without cost.  This initiative is for all children, all individuals, and all populations to have access to healthy meals, exercise and wellness programs that create daily lifestyles that are design for an infinite implementation plans for complete and productive actions of wholeness and fairness for all communities.


    Until Next time, a new world will need a new conversation.  Peace and Blessings! Safe Journeys, Your sister and girlfriend, tried by fire