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Keisha Merchant

The Journey


    I began this blog to journal my walk with spirituality, faith, hope and the love that shines through hardship and challenge.  I am shock that I am here today, but thankful.  I realize more that I am migrating through life in all its forms to be present.  What is presence?  I thought it was to be a survivor.  The idea of surviving was derived by the ideas of the deer, and victims of the predators, but there's more to life than surviving.  I can spend my whole life running to stay alive, and never live.  I found that most of love is courage to live.  What is it to live?  It is the absence of fear.  It is to eat in the field knowing that running will do you little good.  Sometimes, I have been taught to run, to stay alive.  In the sacrifice to run, I miss the importance of breathing.  I understand meditation more in my life than I did as a child.  I realize that meditation is a form of breathing.  It is the complete present moment of knowing that breathing is living.  I can breathe without running.  I can breathe when I sleep.  I am present at all times.  It is the power from within to come to the realization that life is not oppression.  Life is not slavery.  Life is not hatred.  Life is not being wrong or right.  Life is breath.  It is the power in the breathing process.  It is the opportunity that one can breathe.  I lost that love somewhere.  In the morning, I rush off to do daily chores.  Yelling, screaming, and enforcing my ways is not what life is about.  Sometimes, as leaders we are so determined to resolve the pain stakes of society and culture that we forget to share our breath with someone.  It is the very small act of life, God, to show us life through a small particle.  It seems as a lifeless form yet carries the complexities of eternity.
    Mathematicians, Physics and Chemists cannot grasp the power and reality of the breath that comes from our inner being.  It is an empire, and the process that it transforms through our existence.  It arrives from many places, stages and travels the universe and comes back to us, to bring us life once again.  It is a mystery, yet it is a simple and quiet presence that makes us present.  Next time I think in this journey, I make sure I spend some time with my breath.  It is freeing.  It is relaxing.  It is eternal.  The day my breath stops is the day the world stops because I will no longer have it and it will no longer have me and I am absent.  Therefore, the world has ended for me if I die.  So therefore, breath is life.  It is the birth canal to life.  It is where our energy exalts itself.  When it comes out, it brings with us power, healing and restoration.  Use your breath wisely, like a fire breathing dragon; our breath is much more than fire.  Blessings!