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Johnathan Thompson

My opinion

  • I watched a program on YouTube today, it was about religion And Atheism. I found it interesting for multiple different reasons. I'm a religious person but also scientific, bringing a unique perspective on both sides. It was amazing to me that two different opinions and spectrums of belief can be right and wrong at the same time. This is what I truly have an opinion over; God, Goddess, the all-knowing creator, these are all names that we've given to a power that most people have a belief in. Creationists believe that God created everything; there is no variation, evolution, or way of growing outside of the original design. Science says that we are created by atoms, molecules, protons, neutrons, Stardust, ect. Two very different opinions, Two different perspectives, who are we to say they are wrong. Who are we to say they are right.
    Here is my point, religion and science can exist together. Religion cannot answer all the questions, science can answer some of the questions, but science can't answer all the questions. Maybe religion can, are we really that ignorant of a species, to not believe that an all-knowing creator did not put in mechanisms that ensure growth and life on this planet; such as evolution? Are we that ignorant we discount one another's ideas beliefs? How do we decide that we're no longer children as a species, and stop fighting with each other over opinions and beliefs? We will never grow, we will never stop fighting, this is a fundamental fact. Religion and science can exist in the same space, and be right at the same time. This is my point, agree or disagree but that is my opinion.