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Azri LittleHawk

why i chose to be ordained

  •   i home school my kids via  "online charter schools"   it appears as if  the  ohio state  Board of education Or the particular school i placed my  children in requires a vaccine refusal form to be submitted either  on a "doctors" letterhead, or  the  letterhead of your particular clergy.  as  i am Pagan , and really  not trusting of the one  local (that i know of) ordained Pagan minister  in the  eyes of the state. i thought  on it, then looked into becoming ordained myself.  i found the  ULCM and became ordained.    Pagans for the most part are their own clergy.  yes during rituals SOMEONE has to lead & there are mentors to those new to the path.  usually  one studies and searches through their  own compulsions to find their path.  

         through talking this over  with my freinds and doing some soul searching, reading on this site,  i have felt myself  PROFOUNDLY affected by  choosing to be ordained.   i've felt a greater responsibility to my fellow Pagans than i had before.   i'm considering ministering to some incarcerated Pagans i know of. 

       through this  one choice,  i feel a path opening before me that i'd  not before contemplated.   sometimes  life  throws you a curve ball.  everything happens for a reason.  i  look forward to seeing what adventure this choice  has  set  in motion for me & mine.