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Rev Robert Fuller



               A young Haitian man, Wismond Exantus, was rescued live from the rubble of a Port-Au-Prince hotel by British firefighters after being buried alive for an incredible 11-days after an earthquake devastated the country.

               He survived by diving under a desk when the shaking started and then, confined to that tiny space for the duration, drinking cola, beer, and eating cookies. 

                "I would eat anything I found," he said. "After the quake, I didn't know when it was day or night." "It was God who was tucking me away in His arms," he added. "It gave me strength."
                The UK rescue crews had also pulled a toddler, called Mia, from rubble earlier.

                Although Wismond is the third person to be found alive in the past two days, officials say they have given up hope of finding anyone else alive.

                However, with his escape prompting fears that there are others still slowly dying beneath the rubble, many rescue crews are ignoring the decision.

                There is no limit to the wonders our Lord God performs

                                                                                                 Praise God

                                                                                                         Rev Robert Fuller

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