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Rev Robert Fuller

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam

  •                Judaism and Islam are known as "Abrahamic religions" The first Abrahamic religion was Judaism as practiced in the wilderness of the Sinai Peninsula subsequent to the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt and continuing as the Hebrews entered the land of Canaan to conquer and settle it. The kingdom eventually split into the kingdoms of Israel and Judah prior to the Babylonian Exile, at the beginning of the 1st millennium CE.

                Abraham is considered by all three religions as a great prophet. In the Jewish tradition Abraham is called Avraham Avinu or "Our Father Abraham". Abraham is called the Father of all Prophets by Muslims. The thing that is extremely interesting to me is that at this point  the Jews worship "Hashem or YHWH, in English God"  and are descendants of Isaac, the second born of Abraham. The descendants of of Ishmael, " the first born of Abraham" they will become Muslim and worship " Allah, in English God"  in the Arabic language there is no other word for God, even Arabic speaking Christian's call God "Allah".
                The Christian's  recognize Abraham, Noah, Moses as prophets, with Jesus a descendant of Abraham, as the son of God.
                The Jew recognize Abraham, Noah, Moses, and Jesus as prophets.
                 The Muslim recognize Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad as prophets and descendants of Abraham. 
                  Three different religions all worshiping what all three believe to be the One True God.
                  "THE GOD OF ABRAHAM"
                   With this in mind, you'd think we could find some common ground and stop this madness.
                                                                                      Just An Old Preacher's Opinion
                                                                                                                   Rev Robert Fuller
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  • Jeff Austin
    Jeff Austin The commonality between most major religions is far more than the divergence. If the hatred and discord could be put away, most all are aiming at the same place, just different methods of getting there. It is by far the fringe haters that drive so many ...  more
    February 4, 2010