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Rev Robert Fuller



               There has been some discussion on the site about drugs. Many of us were brought up by parents that told us they did not do those kinds of things in there day and for some this may be true. Drugs however go a little deeper than that.

                The cultivation of the Opium Poppy has been traced to Mesopotamia as long ago as 3400 BCE.

                 Let us take a big jump forward shall we to the to the 1700s and we find opium in a a concoction known as Laudanum used for everything from pain relief to an analgesic. It was even sold without prescription.

                 By the mid 1800s opium addiction was a problem in most major port in this country along with Heroine, and good old American business had jumped right in with even Bayer, yes Bayer marketing its version known as marked on the bottle," Bayer Heroine", they sold it as non addictive cough suppressant staring in 1889. In 1924 Congress out law its sale, after attempting to tax and regulate it for some years.

                 Since this time man has continued to find new and useless ways to destroy his mind and

    body, everything from morphine to cocaine and more, between two and five percent of the entire adult population of the United States was addicted to drugs as late as 1900s.  By the 40s and 50s we moved on to even more, we had heroine, morphine, cocaine and let us not forget what helped us get to the 60s and 70s " Speed, Weed, and LSD

                 Today when I think about drugs, I can not even begin to name them all, new, improved, more addictive and dangerous than ever. I recall the fact that business greed like Bayer in the 1900s, Congress attempt to tax it in the 1900s, our own intelligence community willing to experiment on its own people with it, has helped to get us here, and then on top of that we hear we did not do those things in my day, and a statement is brought to mind.

                  The President of the United States wrote a letter to Congress expressing his concern for the youth of America. He points at their fast cars, drinking, drugs, loose morals, lack of respect for authority and violence as some of his many concerns for the youth and the future of our Country.

                   Do you know who that President was?

                   President John Calvin Coolidge Jr. , In office 1923-1929,  "The Roaring 20s" 

                   I often wonder if anything really changes, or if its just the faces, names and better technology to raise heck with.
                                                                                        Just an Old Preacher's Opinion

                                                                                                         Rev Robert Fuller