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Rev Robert Fuller

Nonprofit for Who?

  •               Charity is a wonderful thing and we should contribute to those who help the poor. Unfortunately too many times the CEO lives like a king on the back of the donations.

              In 2008 donations rose by 1% after being adjusted for inflation to a staggering 72 billion 200 million dollars. Now let us think about that amount for just one minute.
              If the average new home cost 100 thousand you could buy 722 thousand new homes.
              If the average grocery bill is 800 dollars a month you could feed 90 million 250 thousand families for a month,  you could provide 2 billion 888 million pairs of shoes, at 25 dollars a pair, if two people were to eat off the dollar menu at the local fast food place and pay 6 dollars, you could feed 12 billion 333 million 333 thousand 333 hundred couples. 
              There have been too many charities paying outlanddish salaries and bonuses to what they refer to as their top people, I refer to this example.
              United Way President  Gloria Pace King, recieved from the united way board an addituonal $822,000.00 in retirement benifits in 2007, an increase of $108,000.00 paid to her in 2006, and made plans to make payments of $450,000.00 to $500,000.00 in each of the up coming 2008, 2009, 2010 years of her contract. This does not include her salary and benefits of $365,000.00 a year at that time, and with all this she was still only the 4th highest paid at the United Way, at that time. The New York, Detroit, and Miami Chapters all paid more at that time. After looking at 31 United Way Agencies I found that all 31 that I looked at where paying several hundred thousand dollars to each of their CEOs in salary alone, and who knows what their retirement is.
                I believe we should give and there are those charities that send the majority of the funds to those that need them with CEOs that take minimal salaries, I believe this is were our money should go.
                                                                                                  Just An Old Preacher's Opinion
                                                                                                                          Rev Robert Fuller     
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  • High Priestess Ellen E. Bishop
    High Priestess Ellen E. Bishop Amen Rev. Fuller! I would challenge the CEO's to live a month in the shoes of those they claim to serve. I do feel that outlandish payments would then cease, as hopefully, they would realize the money needs to help others not just pad the CEO's pocket. I...  more
    February 28, 2010