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Rev Robert Fuller

Response to an opinion

  •                Well I guess I must of fell off the cabbage truck yesterday, but for those Christian's who love the Lord studying the scripture can be as exciting as any good book, full of fantastic tales of murder, war, love, betrayal and much more. Those who study scripture, do not do it to feel superior, be commended, or even prove something. They do it to be able to re enforce what they are saying as scriptural fact, so that others will know it is not just their opinion. They also do it because the scripture instructs those who love the Lord, to " study to show they self approved" I'd quote the scripture but there is no real need.

    The statement was made,"Then when they go out into public they no longer know how to communicate as an average person without the use of scripture. Usually they no longer function around their communities, only with others who also speak the same language. So they are not involved in normal everyday activities with people other than of their group. This is no different than any other form of addiction." I understand that, for years I led my people, ran a nation wide commercial business, even sat on the county planning commission for a few years in Indiana, now that I'm retired, I run two separate businesses for my family, care for a terminally ill wife, and do 45 hrs a week charity work. Yes I can understand why one would think I have nothing else to do with my life than memorize scripture, and as one can tell I have no communication skills at all. Must be my brainwashing.

    If I want to know something about my car, I want to talk to someone who knows, not some shade tree mechanic. If I have a question about the law, I go to a lawyer, not my neighbor, If I have a question about Christianity, I want to talk to a Christian.

    If one finds it difficult to study, or stay focused on the scripture that is that individual, and I will admit many find it difficult. If you feel quoting scripture is being done to make them feel superior, perhaps its not them.

    Everyone of us is entitled to their own opinion. I just believe it could be done without degrading those on the other side of the equation by saying they are brainwashed, unable to function in normal daily activities and even unable to communicate. But I guess one could expect this kind of a response from an addict such as myself.

    Just an Old Preacher's Opinion

    Rev Robert Fuller