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Rev Robert Fuller

Someone is Always Watching

  •                 I received a phone call the other day from my 22 year old daughter, she said; " Daddy I need you to help me." Being Dad I responded with; " What do you need?" she says: " There is something in my house, and I know your retired, but I need my pastor. Will you come bind what ever is in my house?" Well how could I refuse.

               We (when I say we, I mean me and the Holy spirit) went and anointed , blessed, and bound what spirit or spirits were in her home and praise God she has not had any further problem.

               My point is not to toot my own horn here, it is to make the point that we as ministers are always being watched by those all around us. Its the example that we set, the life that we lead that people remember when they think of us or are in need  It is our responsibility and yes even our duty to live a life that reflects what we preach, even behind closed doors and in our own homes.

                                                                                    Just an Old Preacher's Opinion

                                                                                                           Rev Robert Fuller