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Rev Robert Fuller

Jefferson Bible

  • I was asked about the Jefferson Bible today, and to be honest I was caught off guard. After doing a little research on it, I realized why I had not ever remembered doing a lot of research on it before. As a Christian minister I hold with the idea that Jesus Christ was in fact the son of God, part of a trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. I'm not saying this is it, I'm saying I believe it to be true.

              The Jefferson Bible is a selection of verses from scripture of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and placed in a chronological order, the book ends with words similar to John 19 of the Bible. References to the divinity of Jesus, miracles, prophecy, angels, resurrection,or even the trinity are conspicuously missing.

               Jefferson proposed the idea in a letter to Joseph Priestley in 1803, primarily a morals book it removes the deity for Christ all together.

               Its for each of us to develop our own opinion and for none of us to judge.

                                                                         Just an Old Preacher's Opinion

                                                                                                Rev Robert Fuller