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Rev Robert Fuller

Did Aaron's rod turn into a Snake?

  •           Did Aaron's rod turn into a Snake?

              Most all of us know the well known story of how Pharaoh demanded Moses to demonstrate a marvel and how Moses had his brother Aaron throw Aaron's rod down and it turned into a serpent and the Pharaoh's wizards threw their staffs down and they become serpents as well, only to be devoured by Aaron's.

              Now let us consider this,  The Egyptians worshiped at the time one of their God's that was named Sobek and was depicted as a crocodile headed man or as a full crocodile. The Egyptians both revered and reviled this God (Sobek) The Egyptians seemed both to respect and fear the power of this crocodile God and even kept one in the Temple and worshiped it. It was directly liked to the power of the Pharaoh. The word "sovereign" was written as crocodile determinativecrocodile determinativehawk determinative yt. This way, the crocodile-and thus Sobek-were linked to the Pharaoh, the sovereign of Eygpt.

              I think it worth noting at this point that the possiblity exist that Aaron's rod did not turn into a snake as the english translation suggest, but that in the original text it states that the rod was transformed into a "tanin" תנין "dragon" [Hebrew], a word that has been employed in modern Hebrew to mean "crocodile".

             I'm not saying thats what happened, however can you imagine the fear of the Eygptian people to see the rod of Aaron turn into one of the very God's they worshiped and devour three of the very symbols of their Pharaohs might and power, then to return itself to the hand of Aaron as a rod. What a demonstration of the power of the God of Moses!

                                                                                     Just something to think about

                                                                                                  Rev Robert Fuller