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Rev Robert Fuller

Unemployment Ends!

  • Unemployment Ends!

              Well it seems that the millionaires in Washington have done it again to the American people. It now seems that unemployment benefits for some 200,000 Americans expire on Monday. It seems it was more important for them to go on recess for Easter than it was for many Americans who worked hard and did what was right, to have basic needs such as utilities, groceries, gas to look for work.

               One of them was quoted as saying "one week will not hurt", what planet do these guys live on? Americans are losing their homes, having trouble keeping food on the shelves and utilities turned on.

               This time it was a Republican, Tom Coburn, (seems like all parties take turns) that was the lone hold out and kept the extension from passing and of course the the Democrats had to run for cover by trying to justify going on recess by saying that they would pass it as soon as they return on Monday and even make the pay retro active. Do they truly not realize the damage that will be done by then. The children that will go hungry, the utilities that will of been turned off, with the companies then demanding the bill be paid in full and additional deposits to be paid to turn them back on.

              I do hope these elected officials that are in office to represent the American people had a wonderful Easter holiday knowing they just really hurt another 200,000 of the very people that they are supposed to be working for.

              The American people need to unite and get out and VOTE in all the upcoming elections and send these clowns a message they will not forget come next recess, A PINK SLIP. These people should be ashamed of themselves.

                                                                                      Just an Old Preacher's Opinion

                                                                                                       Rev Robert Fuller