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Rev Robert Fuller

Where's is all the Money?

  • Where's is all the Money?

                Gm repaid  8.1 billion  with interest Apr 20, 2010 and the government still owns 61 per cent of GM.

                Eight of the biggest banks have fully repaid their loans with the government even earning a 4 billion dollar profit in interest. These figures do not include the 35 million in interest earned from 14 other banks that have already repaid their loans.

                American taxpayers could still collect additional profits on their investments in two other big banks that have repaid their preferred stock but not their warrants: JP Morgan Chase and Capital One. They are expected to yield over $3.1 billion in gains for the Treasury in the next month or so, although the full tally will depend on how much they will pay to buy back their warrants.

                And the government is owed about $6.2 billion in interest payments from banks that have not yet repaid their federal money.

                Call me dumb, or say I just do not understand, but they are still telling the American people we have a 42,000 dollar debt each, to repay from the original bailouts.

                 I mean were are these billions of dollars going that have been repaid. Lets hope the Senators can at least pay their $272,000 back food bill at the senate restaurant now, because the American public sure has not seen any of the billions of dollars that have been repaid, but we sure seem to get the bills.

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                                                                                        Rev Robert Fuller

  • Rev Robert Fuller
    Rev Robert Fuller on some of the gov.org sites the statistics are staggering, if the American people only realized.
    April 25, 2010
  • Rev Robert Fuller
    Rev Robert Fuller I will agree its not coming with me, but the scripture teaches us to be a good steward, with that requires us, to be concerned with were our taxes go and how they are being spent.
    April 24, 2010
  • Jared Hamilton
    Jared Hamilton The repayments are going into the Treasury Department, which is technically empty, as it is in debt and is living off of credit. But all monies are spiritually empty, and living off of greed or at the least a lack of trust in thy neighbor.
    Where ever ...  more
    April 24, 2010