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Rev Robert Fuller

Blacks Fought for the South also

  • Black Men say Rebel flag flies for freedom


    For an hour, the Confederate battle flag flew over the former site of the Eight Flags Display on U.S. 90.

    Dressed in Confederate gray, a black man named Anthony Hervey marched with the banner clutched in his hands. His brother, Harry, accompanied him, wearing jeans and a Robert E. Lee T-shirt.

    Hervey's devotion to the flag began when he discovered that a great-great-uncle, James Hervey, was a black American who fought for the Confederacy during the American Civil War. James Hervey served in the Army of Mississippi and was killed at the battle of Shiloh.

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    Deleted Member The Navajo Code Talkers fought for their freedom also. Whether they received it is another question in itself. (sorry...hadn't signed in yet when I first posted this...) Mother NANHI
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  • Rev Robert Fuller
    Rev Robert Fuller I can understand that, it bothers me when people confuse what they want to believe with the historical fact. The fact is the South had seven slave states and the North had five slave states. The fact is as many as 600,000 blacks served in the Confederate ...  more
    April 25, 2010
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