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Rev Robert Fuller

Apology to Dr. Adrian

  •    I do not believe that I compared you to any ones flavor, and I do believe I did agree with you when it comes to the different translation and changes in scripture that have taken place over time.
              I can even agree that millions have died in the name of religion, just as millions have died for many other reason that governments can use to incite the masses. That was not Christianity, that was man's lust for power and greed.
              I simply stated we should find ways to discuss things without attacking each others beliefs, which I apparently failed to do with you, for this I am sorry.
                                                                                           Rev Robert Fuller

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  • Dr. Anthony ADRIAN
    Dr. Anthony ADRIAN My friend...their is no attack on beliefs. That was never the intent. I too understand your position due to many years in the mix I have under my belt.

    I was very clear in stating history events...good or bad. Discussing the history of the Bible i...  more
    October 14, 2009