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Rev Robert Fuller

Are the bible stories real

  • Common sense, that in its self is a contradiction in terms when it comes to most of mankind. Instead of researching and discussing differing opinions man has historically preferred to argue and even resorted to violence to prove their ego and power driven point.

               As to your specifics, I personally believe all 5 of those you mentioned took place. I know and understand that science says the earth is much older. However science never addresses the length of time Adam spent in the garden. In its self that time period could of covered millions of years, being that there was no sin, there was no death.

               As my friend Jeff pointed out many of the stories in the excepted scripture were written from 10's to hundreds of years after the events. There are however those writings that date to the approximate life time of Christ himself and even in the dialect of Hebrew he spoke, such as the gospel of St Thomas.

               Christ himself said, I have told you earthly things and you have not believed, how then could you believe heavenly  things. These things confound the wise according to the scripture.

               People of faith believe by faith, just as the scientist accepts the gases that caused the big bang were there even though it can not prove where they came from.

               May the Lord Bless you always.

                                                                              Rev. Robert Fuller 

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  • Troy Cleveland
    Troy Cleveland he Bible of the Christian Faith is a very good book and has many spiritual truths. The stories and Info in the Bible I do not take literally but allegorical or spiritualize. I believe when apostle paul said compare spiritual with spiritual. We are talkin...  more
    November 16, 2009