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Crystal Meriwether


  • We all walk many paths in our lives and those paths have many forks.  In the end every choice we make, from white or wheat to do i have children or not, turns us into who we are.  Everyone makes mistakes and decides to do something they regret, then the question is do they learn from it or do the make that mistake and/or decision again?  Without anyone knowing i have looked into several religions and i can't fully embrace any of them.  For someone like me who sees the truth to only parts of several religions, what should i believe?  I decided to become a minister to show others that there is no right or wrong religion, and that together we can believe and worship without feeling guilty.  A peaceful existance, with people you love surrounding you is a very wonderful thing; exspecially when you feel free to believe without someone putting you down for how and/or what you believe.  Thank you ULC for the chance to be there for people and the chance to believe and help others feel free to believe.............