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Daniel Arendt

Balancing Secular And Spiritual Temptation To Expediency.

  • In the manner that many criticize the bare claim of genetic/intellectual superiority as a "reason" to eradicate the significance of ethics and generalized dignity, so too per Mark Chapter 7 Jesus appears to have criticized those religious who over-use "God's property or will" as a no-questions-asked/no-price-too-big-to-pay "reason" to eradicate ethical and dignified conduct by and between all people, on terms as God breathed through Scriptures.

    This is why I continue to believe the sum of all Christian Sacraments, sacramentals, and prayer should be a focus on worshipping God through living life...warts and all...in physical reliance upon God and the gifts or ability to inspire others He gives each of us, while spiritually at all times doing God highest Honor through taking the best possible ethical, humanity-respecting, and freedom enhancing routes available in all our interactions in this life.

    I thank anyone who may read my blog entries on the topics addressing social Darwinism versus Christian philosophy for the opportunity to be heard, and from now on I will occasionally if at all blog on specific issues like anyone else, with expectation I be held to my own stated perspective on ethics. 

  • Jeff Austin
    Jeff Austin Very nice. God gave us an intellect that is inquisitive and to me it would be blasphemous to not use it. Jesus was constantly both questioning the status quo of his age and answering questions.

    Blessings and blessed be
    Rev Jeff
    February 10, 2010
  • Daniel Arendt
    Daniel Arendt In re Christianity one gets through the writings of Paul that one must work through diverse idioms in order to simply increase salvation of souls by their conversion to ethical conduct within and between their idioms; and that to such ends, an apostle mus...  more
    February 14, 2010