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Daniel Arendt

For Those Who Cyberstalk Or Seek To Harm ULC Monastery Or Ministerial Trade Reputation.

  • Two nights ago I aquired some cyberstalker using name "Anonymous" with no photo; as I was going to post this, another of "its" messages was at my blog, this time implying I'm a Tennessean or in Tennessee...I deleted it, and I'm sure you would agree such stalker regardless of who it flames does no good for the name of ULC Monastery with the general public.  

    As but a few examples of how cyberstalkers or their proxies don’t even know who (let alone WHAT) they’re talking about, can anybody pick out WHICH Daniel Arendt, if any, is “the one they mean”? 

    Go to http://www.cgla.net/sites/all/files/CGLA-2008_Annual_Report.pdf ; am I the Daniel Arendt appearing alphabetically in the $200 category of Cabrini Green donors?
    Go to http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/daniel/arendt/ ; am I any of the seven Dan (or Daniel) Arendts shown there?
    Go to http://www.danielgrafik.de/ , at the very bottom left showing creator copyright; Ach du lieber, bin ich dieser Daniel Arendt?
    Go to http://www.whitepages.com/search/FindPerson?firstname=Daniel&name=Arendt ; White Pages online says it knows of 32 Daniel Arendts in the USA…am I one of them?
    Go to http://pipl.com/directory/name/Arendt/Daniel ; ooh, what a laundry list of Daniel Arendts…am I any of THEM?
    Go to http://www.lulu.com/content/5225254 ; this Lulu writer frightens even ME with the sound of his(?) listed titles of pro-drug and revolutionary tenor…assuming this isn’t a woman using a nom de plume, OR assuming it IS, still, is THIS Daniel Arendt me?
    Go to http://peru.smycz.pl/frmVoucher.pdf ; here’s somebody apparently trying to get a bus ticket in South America in May 2007…¿está éste yo? 
    Now, that’s just the tip of an off-the-cuff Googling search with name “Daniel Arendt…lots of pages, have at it if you like.
    Perhaps some are concerned over any possible relation to twentieth century writer Hannah Arendt (q.v., e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hannah_Arendt ); for those who enjoy themselves tormenting others with things not even rising to rumor, all I can definitely say is that my Arendt family originated in Prussia at least two generations before my USA birth (my parents both born in USA also)…I say or intend no further free information about myself.
    So from now on, go ahead, slam or smear my blog until the stars burn out with zombie programs, fake avatars, proxy identities; paste or make up whatever you think will make me sound the filthiest, slimiest, most-low down piece of garbage since Satan himself…I’m deleting it when found (and I won’t be planning to spend that much time looking at what, if anything, “mounts” on future occasions) and leaving this post in my blog permanently. And please accept that if YOU have nothing to just go to police or FBI or some Court about, that doesn’t preclude that I won’t do the same for you.
    I hope no other ULC Monastery minister ever has to experience the kind of competing minister trade interference, race hatred, and so forth that I recently got at every prior post.    
  • Charles Lee, Jr
    Charles Lee, Jr Hey Daniel...

    don't let disidents worry you, my brother.
    Their beef is not with others but with themselves.
    They've obviously experienced something they've unwillingly asked for and
    they just can't bring themself to let it pass.

    Ho...  more
    February 19, 2010
  • <i>Deleted Member</i>
    Deleted Member yes you have done right
    February 19, 2010 - delete