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Seer Ashlamaz

The Son Of Jesus

  • Lo! During the very same honeymoon where the marriage was consummated Mary Magdalene, daughter of Manaham and Zarulla, became pregnant. 2.And when the time for delivery came she gave birth to a son, and they called his name Simon. 3. Simon bar/ of Jesus, is the bar/ of Jesus of Acts. He's mentioned twice in there. 4.Once under the name Simon, and once undeer the name bar/ of Jesus. 5.He was called a magician and a sorcerer. They're giving him mainly three attributes of his father. 6. Simon bar Jesus was the product of the marriage that the Christians say never happened. 7. He was born September seventeenth and twenty and eight A.D. 8. Yashua had aspirations of his son, becoming a great teacher. 9. Which he, Simon went off into inebt study of mysticism and the Kabalah, a book of heretics by Yashua's own words. 10. He warned his son again and again that these were undesirables, 11. Until his son grew up and left to go live amongst them. 12. Unable like most children to respect the wishes of the parents 13. He got caught up in rituals and practices of Kabalahism and became known as a sorcerer, a great pain to Yashua. 14. And one someone came to Yashua and said there is a man teaching in your name. 15. Yashua immediately knew who that was, dropped his head saddened, 16. Quickly rasised it again and said: forbid him not: for there is no man which shall do a miracle in my namethat can lightly speak evil of me. 17. He knew that his son Simon, who was calling himself Jesus had launched on a mission above his father where he went out to teach his own doctrine. 18. Simon bar Jesus went on to preach and teach all throughout Greece Syria and Antioch. 19. He had many followers of which Saul, who later became known as Paul, the self proclaimed apostle, was one of them. 20. So eventually Saul and them became his disciples, and they all started taking on Greek names. The Holy Tablets Chapter fifteen, Tablet Twelve verses 1 - 20

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  • Orville Funk
    Orville Funk I have read and heard many stories and traided thoughts on the subject but when it comes down to the basic level I owe my Life and Religeous Beliefes to Jesus since with out whom I would not have a relationship with God of whom I speak to on a regular bas...  more
    January 27, 2010