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Seer Ashlamaz

When Facing Change

  • It is imperative when facing change, to remember.
    Many times when we are faced with change, while still in the midst of this evolution of Divine Consciousness, we find ourselves lost in three dimensions; the natural dimension- the emotional and the most important which is the inner dimension of You. All too often do we find ourselves or notice a loved one struggling with a hit and miss existence, on today off tomorrow, walking right today and wake up limping tomorrow.
    Amazingly, the biggest factor to change is always going to be You. It may not seem like much when we're talking with the guys or with the girls, but, every single Word that comes out of the mouth is so creatively charged with dunamus power of life. That's right, that same awesome creative force that released, "Let there be light..", is the same power in our mouths- shaping the future, our lives and the entire Universe.

    How easily do we speak, yet the TRUE WORD, which is within has been so devalued with capitalism programming, that often times, we don't even see the value in our very own statements throughout the day and many times don't even remember what we may have been talking to a co-worker discussing. 
    Nevertheless, we will be so surprised when change comes, that we again forget that is was our very selves that call for a change. We may have said we didn't want an abusive relationship anymore, or that we were tired of working somewhere or that we just wanted some type of life change. But when the change comes, why do we react so surprised? Our first question is normally, where did this change come from, even though when we were talking on lunch break we were telling fellow workers how we are tired of this or that or even them. But when that change manifests in our lives we get afraid to move into it.
    How often have the authorities heard the beaten women say, "don't take my man", or hear the beaten man say, "I can't live without her"? 
    How many times have we heard a co-worker say how tired they were of their job, only to have the super call them into the office shortly after that statement or at the end of the day.
    Why do we shrink back and why does this change come so strongly or quickly?

    The change comes for one simple reason, because you asked for the change and the Universe moves swiftly to correct the things we speak change over. When GOD said "Let there be light", there was no delay in that manifestation because that is All Power moving on the behalf of Your Creator.
    So, why should there be a delay in Your manifestations? There isn't, we just don't exercise enough discipline towards GOD energy in us. So actually there is no delay, but the change shows up and normally startles the person some times, because they don't fully believe that GOD is in them nor that the Universe is here for their intent. 

    But still, why does the change come? Because it is the Divine will of a child of GOD, who just happens to not fully believe that they are a child of GOD, but only their physical reflection in the mirror. This child happens to only believe whatever the anti-christ's system tells them and not their FATHER or SOURCE that lives within them. After all, that would be the best place for GOD to hide for You in order to remain closer than anyone, even the imaginary fallacies created to keep people from listening to their insides. So, this change has manifested only because You asked for it. The reason it seems so great is because it was requested by You through the Energy of Your Higher Self, which means that the change coming is going to be for your greater good and most times, will have no alignment with those simple ego desires that most times manifest little change, or that type of change that really leads nowhere but right back into the "Repetitive Cycle of Nothingness" (See in "The devil don't want you to know/ It is time for you to know). Therefore, it is imperative for one to immediately get themselves in tune with their Higher Self, because the good that You really have intent for, for Yourself and others, is so awesome that that old ego thought pattern can't even fathom how good You really are. 
    So, when this change seems so large, it is an immediate indication of how far off center we may have gotten from Truth. And we must remember several things here:
    1. It's easier to follow another person's plan because they've already walked it out because they somewhere in themselves knew what they wanted from before the start- this is how GOD knew the end from before the beginning.
    2. The best answers for You will come from within You and things normally get pretty confusing when following the advice of others.
    3. If You, learn to revere the internal voice in You, You will have a lot less heartache.
    4. If You are not a child of GOD the Source the Divine Spirit, then You've got to be a demonic spirit, going around impersonating a human simply to sew seeds of discord, hate, jealousy, trouble and all your usual shenanigans.
    5. If You resist the change, then You will find Yourself always missing it, always out of sync until You find Yourself being Truly left behind.
    6. If You do not have any idea or clue as to what I'm speaking of, You may be in need of a spiritual guide, who is not a person who tells You how to live or how to do everything. A spiritual guide is assigned to You already and they don't tell You that they are Your spiritual guide- You will tell them because You assigned them from when You were in the Spirit Realm, (I remember most of the Beings who are on here- who came to me before this incarnation and assigned me to themselves)
    They will help You to learn how to exercise Your Spiritual Abilities and expand Yourself. I AM a spiritual guide- Yes, but I may not be Your spiritual guide. And please know that a spiritual guide and a Spirit Guide are not the same thing by any means. You will meet Your spiritual guide in the earth realm, but Your Spirit Guide You will meet in meditation or the Astral Plane or basically any place in the Spirit Realm- which is the Real.
    The spiritual guide is someone who You should pay the respects to that You have been programmed to give away for minimal or yet No return of Spiritual or physical benefit.

    So, don't fear the change You asked for, embrace it quickly and let Your Spirit lead You

    Below are some hypothetical change examples:

    1. An abusive person get's arrested for some charges, minutes- days or months after You said You want something to change.
    2. You can not find anyone to supply You with Your special endeavors party favors.
    3. Your sex or opposite sex starts becoming more or less appealing to You.
    4. Job keeps getting_____.
    5. Having feelings of having outgrown________.
    6. Internal questions begin to arise concerning ________, that no one seems to have answers to or they think You're being a busybody for asking questions concerning Your ________.

    In each of these six statements, there is a change for someone to embrace, but remember the ego will constantly be with You and try to manipulate You away from change- whenever You must face it.