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Seer Ashlamaz

Where is GOD and where is exactly is HIS Kingdom?

  • Believe it or not, this is the biggest question inside of everyone, that is still walking around- wide awake- yet still unconscious. 


    The reason they are still unconscious, is because, they have not yet discovered that they are, in essence GOD. Sure they can accept the fact that they are a child of GOD, but ego has been trained to keep people from acknowledging the Truth, that they are GOD. GOD is in us, because we are HIM/ HER, however a person perceives, in Truth. The thing is though, how do we get past the control of ego and begin accessing the Power that is GOD, because GOD is so Wise, that HE wouldn't allow HIS Power to be used negatively by our egos. HE is sooo Wise, that it confounds ego every time, yet HIS Power is so simple to access and utilize. HE placed HIS Mighty Power inside of what- HIS Love, and ego only loves itself and it's desires. So, until we start becoming conscious of Who we really are, we don't even experience the Fullness that fills all and is in all. 

    Sure people are this Power, but they can't fathom the fact that they cause their own flat tires, their own illnesses and their own tragedies, by the Power of their own thoughts. That's why it is so hard for some people out in the world today, to accept the teachings of things like "The Secret", because if they do, then soon, they'll recognize the manipulations casted into their  thoughts by the ego. Take for instance monogomous relationships, from the unconscious male point of view. A man can fall in love with a woman and eventually take a vow to remain only sexually intimate with this one woman. But for a lot of men, not all, after a while- ego will tell him to look at another woman with desire- if it is allowed to continue to grow unchecked. The ego purpose behind the thought, simply to control this man and keep him moving with his physical exerted energy, in an effort to keep him from recognizing, that he is fabulously happy with the woman he already shares himself with, because, the more still he becomes with the one, the closer he gets to his own awakening or coming into his own consciousness. Because ego knows that in his stillness (boredom to some) does he actually begin to experience GOD in himself, this is why GOD said "Be still (not bored) and know that I AM GOD", but to the flesh (ego) being still is an excruciating experience, because the more still we are, the more of GOD do we internally experience. GOD place HIS Kingdom inside, with HIS Kingdom, so HE would have stuff to do and see, until we take all of the stuff from within and cause it to manifest without- where we can see with our natural eyes.

    Moths and rust, cannot get inside of the real us, this is why, when a deceased human's brain is disected, the mind can not and will never be found. These bodies we use are really the most state of the art, organic living robots, with an internal computer- still organic, called a brain; so your body is Artificial Intelligence (AI). We don't have to learn how to create AI, we are it, because we use AI daily to experience physical life, on a planet, that our Spirit may not even be on at the time of incarnation. And from a wise Guide, i learned how this can be proven to each of us, thru each of us. If, you really desire something, not from ego- but your Divine Being, say it, no matter what it is (it's gotta be accessible thru the LOVE now, call it forth, and just expedt it, from wherever the Universe may provide it. So, i tried it, i started with something small- an ice cream sandwich. i told GOD that i wanted an ice cream sandwich on the next day, to be given to my vessel (body) and not by my own energy. Now i enjoy them, they don't hurt anyone and they can be obtained thru many venues. Do you know what happened the very next morning after prayer line and breakfast? As soon as my food was digested, someone brought me an ice cream sandwich, why? Because they heard it from GOD within them, but how many people wouldn't listen to GOD, so the ice cream sandwich had to be brought all the way from Norcross, Ga to Marietta, Ga. Don't get me wrong, it's not about the ice cream sandwich, it is, however, about me believing that the sandwich was in The Kingdom, inside of me- at the very moment i asked. The physical ice cream sandwich came to me as a result of the ice cream sandwich i manifested from within my Being. That may be your house, car, spouse, pet whatever. But GOD and HIS Kingdom are within, and all you have to do is LOVE and Believe.


    So leave me a mesage and let me know if this Truth has helped you in any way, but please remember, it don't have to be an ice cream sandwich for you to start exercising your GOD ability- but you do have to believe.





  • Winston Williams
    Winston Williams That is my belief as well. I even have "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, sitting on my desk in front of me. I have proven that this power exist on numerous instances. Even in meeting you on this web site. I said that I wanted to meet someone who believe the t...  more
    October 19, 2009
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